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Archive for July 2010


HeadOn photographic portrait prize 2010.

– posted by Kerry

Congratulations Jon Love. Jon's portrait of Bernadette was a finalist in this years HeadOn photographic portrait prize.


Sally Brownbill is Interviewed by Julian Watt in Capture Magazine.

– posted by Kerry

HELP! Is there a creative marketing consultant in the house?

click here to download the full article.


Mel Kerr who is not Groovy, Interviews Jess Bialek who is.

– posted by Mel

Luckily I know groovy when I see it, which is why Jess’s work has me all a twitter.

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Greg Elms folio selections.

– posted by Sally

Greg has been shooting for over 20 years. His work during this time has been as varied as his clients.

A lonely planet photographer for a large part of this time saw Greg travelling to exotic parts all over the world.

Working through these images was no mean feat. He also, whilst in Melbourne took on still life projects and food shoots along with environmental portraiture. 

When we met up 3 years ago, my challenge was to combine all of Greg’s talents. And we did- I brought, what was an eclectic group of shots into one fabulous story.

Over the years we have updated his folio, designed and selected images for a new website and introduced Greg to a new group of clients. Now we have two folios for Greg. One is food orientated and the other is people focused.

It is an ever-changing process working on a folio. You need to be inspired and current with the work in it and try new ways of showing the work as well. I have posted a few pages of Greg’s folio. 


Photographer Craig Newell shoots for the Iron Design campaign. Photographer Craig Newell shoots for the Iron Design campaign.

Craig Newell shoots for the Iron Design campaign.

– posted by Kerry

Craig Newell and the team from Studio Binocular had an action packed day in the studio with the recent images for the lron Design campaign to be launched in conjunction with State of Design. The result is a series of photos that capture the spontaneous actions that reflect lron Design. With pencils, sticky notes and letter fridge magnets flying in all directions it took a few takes and several throwing of objects to get a final image.


Photographer Peter Dunphy’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Here is the work of photographer Peter Dunphy who has been shooting for over 20 years. 

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Marcus Thomson checks in from Africa.

– posted by Sally


Marcus Thomson is currently in Africa on a personal shooting adventure. He has been emailing me back some amazing images which I will share with you now.

Marcus is best known for his ability to shoot environmental portraiture and it appears he has fallen on his feet in Africa doing so.

The first shot is of Concalo Mabunda, an internationally exhibited artist who lives in Maputo and has made pieces for Bill Clinton. Mabunda makes sculptures out of weaponry (AK 47 machine guns bullets Bombs, land mines) these are left over from the war which ended in 1992.

The second shot is his assistants who help him with his work.

And the final shots are a well known painter in Maputo. He lives in his studio which is very small and as you can see from the images it is where he eats, lives and sleeps.


One Eyeland’s Photographer of the month.

– posted by Kerry

“One Eyeland” is well worth a look and this month the featured photographer is Mauro Risch. Well done Mauro Inspiring stuff.

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Tracey Rowe directs “Coin operated boy”.

– posted by Sally

Tracey Rowe is a great friend of mine and we studied photography at RMIT back in the late 80's, and after a successful career in stills she moved into shooting TVC's about 14 years ago.

She works all over the world and here is her latest commercial for Austria, Darbo Jam, titled 'Secret'.

It was shot and completed in New Zealand using a Kiwi actress who had to learn the German dialogue in an Austrian accent. She plays every character in the commercial, a feat, as it was only a one day shoot so the wardrobe and wig changes happened in 15 minutes, a very exhilarating experience though.

The miniature sets were custom designed and built and were shot stop frame animation, the live action of the characters were then composited together with the miniatures.

It was a very creative client and agency who kept saying we want it to be different, we want a special Darbo 'LOOK'. Tracey loves this layered eclectic visual style! If you want to see more of Tracey's work look at


Jim talks about the famine in Niger

– posted by Kerry

The news has not quite hit here yet but Niger is starting to feel the effects of a major famine that's impacting on the population. 1 in 8 children are already suffering from severe malnutrition.

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Sam Karanikos shoots album cover for Gurrumui.

– posted by Sally

Sam Karanikos shot Gurrumal for his album cover of the same name in 2007. This was released in February 2008.

Recently the record company sent Sam a recognition plaque for his part in the success of the album, that ultimately went platinum.

Well done Sam.

Here is a link to a blog that discusses the shot and the album along with the image itself.


Amber McCaig introduction.

– posted by Sally

I met Amber briefly a few months ago whilst working with Mark Munro. She came in looking for work as an assistant. Mark, came in to me and said "you should see this photographers work." 

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