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Archive for September 2010


Congratulations Mauro Risch

– posted by Kerry

Mauro has been awarded 5 nominations in the 5th Annual Black and White Spider Awards 2009/10.

Four of the nominations were for his advertising work and one for his fine art image "Bird Cage."

One of his advertising pieces, "pile o'coke" was shot for Coca-Cola. It was a delivery campaign and the image has been printed on the back of a few magazines. Mauro says he had a great time doing the shoot.

He shot it with a 4X5' Sinar X, 360mm Rodenstock and a BetterLight digital back. He used only continuous light and shot tungsten 3200K.

The post production was by inhouse(artphoto studio).

Art Director- Alessandra Sadock and it was shot for



Don McCullin interview.

– posted by Kerry

Don McCullin acclaimed frontline photojournalist talks about his journey. Have a look at this inspirational article at and gain some insite of a photographer who has spent his career shooting in battle zones. Thanks to Jim McFarlane for pointing out this article. 


A few pages from Lucia Ondrusova’s folio

– posted by Sally

I met Lucia on a 45 degree day in February this year.

She had heard about me over the past year and decided that it was time for me to look at her work.

Lucia showed me a lot of her images and many were simple, well shot, corporate shoots that suggested to me she would be a great portrature photographer.

Her fashion work showed she has a great knack for finding excellent locations and interesting models.

At the beginning of her career it’s easy to see that her folio will be changing a lot over the next few years and her ability to edit images as well.

We ended up with a strong folio of portraiture that portrays her sense of style and beauty.


Darren Lunny ABC 774 pod cast

– posted by Sally

"Darren Lunny, photojournalist and former chief of staff and inaugral head of Channel Nine's Specialist Investigation Unit and joined Waleed in the studio as co-host." To listen to the pod cast click here.

The featured photos are portraits Darren has been working on lately. The images are of euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke and the Geelong-based Grand Dragoness of the Ku Klux Klan.


Mel Kerr interviews Jim McFarlane about his time in Gaza for Desktop Magazine.

– posted by Kerry

Earlier this year Mel Kerr interviewed Jim McFarlane about his latest trip to Gaza.

"...Gaza is a place that is virtually impossible to get into for a photojournalist- let alone get out of with cameras, shots, stories and themselves intact."

To Download the full article click here.


Sally and the Red Bubble.

– posted by Sally

Sally has recently starred in a series for red about how creative people can approach selling their work.

The series will be delivered in video format to a select group of members.

Here's a snapshot. But we should warn you, there's a kangaroo and it, well you just watch...


Sebastien Millier.

– posted by Kerry

We learn more about French Photographer Sebastien Millier.

Be sure to check out his Reconstruction series that was awarded an honorable mention in Advertising - Self Promotion category at the International Photographic Awards 2010 (IPA).

Congratulations Sebastien.

read more …


A guy walks across the USA…...

– posted by Kerry

Check out this clip. It's really great.

This guy walked across the USA with his Canon 5DmkII.

He has put together a stop motion clip and well worth a few moments to have a look. 


A few of my favourite pages from Armelle Habib’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Armelle was a student of mine at RMIT.

After college we lost contact for a few years and then about 18 months ago I bumped into her in a studio in Prahran, Melbourne.

She got in touch with me and together we worked on a new folio for her.

Like many graduating students, Armelle’s folio had not changed much since college finished.

Her folio needed a new direction and a total revamp.

Armelle has good ideas and a strong sense of who she is as a photographer.

Finally after several heavy discussions on a day of designing the folio, we came up with a ripper.

Here are a few of those pages. 


Julian Watt shoots the Bundy Bear.

– posted by Kerry

This is the first shoot I did since joining C.I. Studios.

The shoot was for Bundaberg Red. We worked with Art Director, Tim Green from

Leo Burnett, Sydney.

Happily, we were not asked to shoot around the TVC but

were asked to shoot a series of "spaghetti western" style posters that tied

in with the TVC. The agency gave us time to shoot a test shot which helped

us refine the retouching treatment and lighting style for each shot.

The guys from C.I.Studios did an awesome job on production, retouching and

generally backing me up whenever I needed it.

Credits: Dan Nortje and Vanessa Timmins - Account Service and Production

Retouching: Dave Mercer


Congratulations Bonnie.

– posted by Sally

We would like to congratulate Bonnie Savage who won third prize in the International Photo Awards last week.

Well-done Bonnie. Keep up the great work. 


Meet Jules Tahan

– posted by Kerry

Jules Tahan is a Melbourne based photographer.

Sally has designed his last couple of folios and we will show you some of the great spreads she did with him in the future.

But for now this is part of an interview we did with Jules for the Photography Campus.

The Campus will be live very soon and you will be hearing more about it shortly.

Meet Jules.

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