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Archive for October 2010


Marcus Thompson introduces us to Mário Macilau.

– posted by Sally

Photographer Marcus Thompson met Mårio Macilau on his journey to Maputo earlier this year.

Marcus was lucky enough to employ Mårio as his assistant within Africa and to show him around. The two have become firm friends and Marcus his mentor.

I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to meet Mårio and learn a bit more about him. 

read more …


Maikka’s work with the Melbourne Recital Centre.

– posted by Sally

Maikka's shoot for the Melbourne Recital Centre designed by ERD has recently won a  Pinnacle Award at the AGDA's last week in Brisbane.

For all the other awards and results from the night.

It has also won a Gold award in the Graphis Poster Annual 2011- for photography.

Congratulations Maikka we love your work.

Hofstede Design who I am great friends with also won two distinctions in the publications category and they were;

8 x Projects for Architects EAT and Paper Thin by Peta Clancy.

They were also a finalist in the self promotion category for;

The Type Tablet


Have a look at a few pages from Julian Watt’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Julian was a final year student at RMIT when I was in 1st year back in the mid 80’s.

He was revered even then as a perfectionist and earmarked as the one that would “make it.”

He sure did.

20 years on and Julian’s career has like many had its highs and lows. He has worked on many large campaigns in Australia, the most recent being ‘Bundys” latest shoot out of Sydney.

Julian was a big name in Asia and for many years worked between both countries on a huge variety of campaigns.

After reconnecting with me in Sydney where I was doing a talk at PMA (Photo Marketing Association). Julian asked if he could interview me for an article in Capture magazine.

Following this he decided to jump on a plane and spend a day with me putting his folio together.

The challenge was to revive his passion in photography and to produce a folio that showed his “star” quality as well as his creativity.

Yes there are images in his folio from well known campaigns, but they are complimented by work that shows the viewer what he likes to shoot as well.

The folio is a tribute to 20 years of fantastic work. It is the sum of who Julian Watt is. 

Julian currently works out of C.I.Studios

Check out Julian's website for more information.


Lachlan Moore shoots for Specsavers.

– posted by Kerry

Lachlan Moore tells us a bit about a job he recently shot for Specsavers.

I love working with agencies that have their pencils in their top pockets & novelty socks pulled up. Well organised agencies that don’t muck around and bring an air of wit, humour & creativity to the fold.

The SMART agency is just that.

This 4 shot campaign for Specsavers was such a nice job to work on and may there be many more like it.

My brief was to illustrate 4 scenarios where contact lenses would be much better suited.

Once receiving the concepts & lighting brief we cast the wonderful talents of Nicole & Rob from 'Talent on a Budget', sorted propping and locked in a date.

It was a nice quick turnaround from go to woe resulting in a fun 1 day shoot at my new studio in Collingwood. Click here to check out my new studio.


High Fives go to: 

SMARTinc (agency)

Andrew Zappia @ Agent 99 Productions (retouching)

Fernando Barraza @ Agent 99 Productions (styling)

Louise Griew (hair & makeup)

Rokeby Studios

Kaz@Talent on a Budget 

and Sally Brownbill for the lead x


James Boddington on New York’s subway.

– posted by Kerry

James was in New York this northern summer for 3 weeks. He was there to shoot a book about the canine population in New York City. 

Whilst commuting to various shoots around New York he spent a lot of time on the subway.

With nothing better to do on the endless trips he started taking pictures.

James started his career as a newspaper photographer and has always had a passion for photojournalism.

He says taking these photos was back to his roots and a real joy to be able to shoot whatever unfolded in front of him without any expectation or briefs to be met.

The featured images are a selection from his time in the subway and you can see more of James' work on his website.


The Photography Campus…... find out more.

– posted by Sally

The Photography Campus is run and owned by Melinda Kerr.

We met late last year to discuss the possibility of combining our talents and to find out ways I could help Melinda in achieving her goal on teaching amateur photographers on line.

I decided the best way I could help was to provide commercial photographers who were experienced in certain fields and who felt comfortable in front of the camera to provide online content for instructional videos. is a supporter of the Here are a few out takes from the footage so far.

Ps Kerry is the one holding the reflector and nearly gets blown away. 


One World Portrait

– posted by Kerry

Have a look at this "still-photo animation" by Jock McDonald. 

Jock travelled around the world shooting hundreds of portraits. He then teamed up with animator Paul Blain and have created a fascinating piece of work.

Click here to view the video that is posted on the lens culture weblog. 


A few pages from Tess Everett’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Tess Everett is a dynamic, confident young woman.

She is a great example of what networking and opportunity is about. Showing your work on your website is great, but supporting it by a meeting and showing your folio too is part of the entire process.

This industry is about people. Meeting Tess is a joy and so is her work.

She is fashionable and current and knows who and what to shoot.

This first folio for Tess sees the beginning of a great career shooting people and fashion.

I was able to help her with her strengths and point out her weaknesses and have her work on them.

Tess has a great attitude and work ethic and is as determined as anyone I’ve met to succeed. Here are some great spreads from Tess’ folio.


Jess Bialek shoots for the Victorian Opera.

– posted by Sally

Following last year's very successful campaign for the Victorian Opera, Jess Bialek worked again with the team at Trout Creative (Siobhain, Anthony, Melissa) to create some dynamic imagery for their 2011 Season.

The backdrops and talent were shot separately, to emphasise the 'staged' effect.

The backgrounds were all iconic Melbourne locations which would be easily recognisable to their target audience.

Assistant was Sam Penninger, retouching was done by Ross Goddard @ Counterfeit.

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