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Archive for April 2011


Jim McFarlane update.

– posted by Kerry

Jim's work shot last year in Gaza has been picked up by several international galleries, who will be showing the work over the next 12 months.

Dates have been set for Sultan Gallery, Kuwait 8th-17th March, Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain 1st-10th May, Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi 25th May-3rd Jun and Bait Muzna Gallery Muscat, Oman 4th-14th October.

Jim has just let us know there has been an update with the Gaza exhibitions.

The planned exhibition in Bahrain which was booked from the 1st-10th May has unfortunately been cancelled due to the political unrest there
and the severity in which the government has come down on the protesters. It's a real disappointment for Jim as he was planning to exhibit in the Bahrain National Museum.

As an organisation that holds social and political justice central to Jim's values, he cannot be seen as being sympathetic with the actions of the government.
We hope that the unrest will end very soon allowing Jim the opportunity to resume the planned exhibition.

In the mean time the exhibition at the Sultan Gallery in Kuwait City went very well resulting in sales of 3 out of the 4 paintings submitted by Dia Azzawi (a fellow artist in the group), with an average selling price 5000.00 pounds,  and one of Jim's prints selling for 2500.00 pounds all of which will be going to Save the Children.

There are still exhibitions at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery in Abu Dhabi from 25th May-3rd Jun and The Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat, Oman from 4th-14th October.
At the moment discussions are taking place with galleries in Beirut, Barcelona and Berlin.

In the current climate, where regimes are collapsing throughout the Middle East leaving dislocated people in its wake, this work is becoming even more topical.

We have posted a few images from his show.


Mary Cooke’s folio.

– posted by Sally

When I was working as a photograher Mary Cooke was an icon.

Together with her partner Tom, they ran a hugely succesful studio in South Melbourne called Tom and Mary.During this successful stills carrer, Mary became Australias first female TVC director and then forged her magic in this arena for the next couple of decades.

I was delighted to work with Mary on her new stills folio at the end of 2010 and to assist her in getting back into the stills area.

In betweeen her hectic TVC schedule(5 shoots in 1 week) we were able to put together a combinaltion of recent stills, exhibition work and iconinc images from her repetoir.

Mary is great fun, charismatic and bursting with ideas and energy.

I have posted a few of my favourite spreads.


Korean Photographer Yeondoo Jung’s Wonderland.

– posted by Kerry

We thought you might enjoy this article, Art at Play, taken from "Health smart" March 2011. pp94-99.


Nigel Clements enters Lens Mist.

– posted by Kerry

The Brief:

The 2011 Mordialloc by the Bay Fine Food, Wine & Music Festival invited expressions of interest from visual artists working in photography to exhibit in one of Kingston City Council's visual arts competitions, Lens Mist.

Lens Mist seeks to exhibit artists inspired to explore the traditional nature of seascape photography using originality, creativity, imagination and vision.

Nigel entered this shot in the competition along with 226 other photographs.

25 finalists were selected and Nigel is one of them.

Congratulations Nigel. 


Rob Anderson’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

I worked with Rob at the end of 2010 to revamp a folio from a long established career.

Rob had fallen into what many photographers of his calibre do -  not updating his folio for a long time, primarily as he was busy shooting.

It was a pleasure to look at his body of work.

Robs folio is the sum of who he is as an established shooter. iIts diversity sits well with his breadth of experience. From commercial studio shoots, to images of Nepalese mountains in all thier grandeur. I have posted a few of my favourite spreads.


2011 Muffs Calendar by Spid.

– posted by Kerry


NZ Photographer Spid Pye recently shot the 2011 Muffs Calendar.

This charity calendar shot for the National Foundation for The Deaf won ‘Best Ads on TV’ outdoor print section in November 2010.

The campaign has been designed to raise awareness among home handymen of the importance of wearing hearing protection.

DDB NZ have created their own ‘provocative’ calendar to appeal to this male dominated audience. It’s a parody on the thousands of male orientated calendars that are already out there, yet at its heart is a constant year long reminder for blokes to wear their ear-muffs.


Happy Easter everyone…

– posted by Sally


Sam Karanikos folio pages

– posted by Sally

Sam and I met via an assistant of his, who was once a student of mine.

That one meeting has turned into not only a great friendship, but also me seeing Sam’s passion for shooting grow.

This in turn has provided Sam with a new folio. In fact we have just finished his second folio that makes him proud to take it and show agencies.

Like many shooters I work with Sam originally thought it was a good idea to section his work. I understand why photographers do this, but looking at it creatively it’s just so boring.

Now Sam’s folio still shows the variety of work he does from Portraiture, food and still life but with a flow and style that is memorable. I have put up a few of my favourite pages. 


Henryk Lobaczewski shoots his first moving images.

– posted by Sally

Henryk has found the video switch on his 5DmkII and look what happened..... moving images!

At the end of a shoot in Centennial Park Sydney, Henryk asked his model to stick around for a bit and he shot a couple of  minutes of video. 


Lucia Ondrusova talk about working with Sally.

– posted by Kerry

Finally! I thought to myself looking at my folio book...

I can`t believe it`s ready...

Thanks Sally...

I knew I had a lot of pictures, I knew some of them I once thought were good but then you look at them again and again and they become ordinary. I really needed someone- like you- who is in the field, who is photographer and can see art in photos but also can express good  constructive critique say if it is a folio piece or a memory piece.

This is where you help enormously. Photos that I would never put together in one page suddenly become alive again together. I was just watching you going through my photos and designing them together and couldn`t believe the result when you finished.

Now my folio is ready to go again, thanks Sally for making the extra step for me to introduce me to some of the agencies. It is so much easier to do my first steps in this industry with your support. I have spent another few hours with you and I got so much knowledge about what to do, how to present my folio and where to go. I feel now full of energy and enthusiasm to that you highly contributed to and finally I feel READY to just go and finally show my work!


Sun Studios Assistants Award

– posted by Kerry

Sun Studios


Dark Energy.

– posted by Sally

Marco Fusinato is a friend of mine and I am thrilled for him that he has made it into February's edition of the prestigious ARTFORUM.

Download the article.

Marco is represented in Melbourne by Anna Schwartz gallery.


2011 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize.

– posted by Kerry

Congratulations to Jacqui Henshaw who has two of her photographs in the Semi-Finals of the 2011 Moran Prize.

Well Done. 

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