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– posted by Kerry


A lively and cultural community in Siem Reap has come to an abrupt and sad end. Nearly 400 Cambodian and Vietnamese families have been evicted from their homes beside the Siem Reap river in the Slokram commune of the city. The decision has been made by officials - with the reasons stated as needing to develop, widen the river and make new communal gardens.

The Vietnamese and Cambodians I spoke to told me how after notification by letter, they expected to have until the 1st of April to take down their fragile wooden shacks on stilts, and find a new home elsewhere.

On the 26th of March, a considerable police force arrived in the early hours, and demanded that all families and businesses had one day to leave, or their homes would be destroyed.

Because some of these river residents have been living and working in the area for over 15 years, I was told that the government have offered the Cambodian residents a small piece of land at Sala Kamroeuk commune, 6 kilometers outside the city.They will also receive a small payment of a few hundred dollars.

However, the Vietnamese have been given a small amount of compensation, but have no land rights, and because of the premature eviction on the 26th - up to 10 families with countless children are all now homeless.

That morning, an emergency meeting was called so that the residents could protest to the district governor about the situation; I attended on the invite of a Vietnamese family, and on our return to the commune, some families found that their properties had been taken down in their absence.

See more


See Jane Run

– posted by Sally

See Jane Run is a new photographic project exploring gender roles, beauty ideals and body image. Established by four female photographers – Emma Phillips, Julie Sundberg, Anna Warr and Fiona Wolf – our aim for this project is to evoke dialogue about how we see and perceive ourselves, and how society and the media influences that perception, especially towards women.

Our first group show, See Jane Run, is a featured exhibition in the 2012 Head On Photo Festival, opening at Depot ll, Danks St, Sydney on May 15th. We have each sought to examine issues of gender roles and body image, through our own unique approach and photographic style. We hope the shake up the traditional roles and media portrayals of both men and women. All money raised from this show is being donated to the White Ribbon Foundation, Australia's campaign to stop violence against women.

Our blog gives you a little more to read, with guest authors talking about gender roles and the influence media has had on female body image.


2012 Trends on the Menu. Caroline Westmore from Gusto Styling.

– posted by Kerry

It has come around again, another year and time to dust off the crystal ball. It looks like we made enough agar pearls, foams and deconstructions in 2011 to last us for a while, but what will take their place this year?

On average, the food trend predictors get about 50 / 50 right, so I am going to have stab at my top 6 and hope I come out with a credible 3 or more on judgment day in December!

Sustainable Fish and Seafood
2012 will be all about sustainably harvested seafood and fish, with local and unusual varieties coming onto menus. Don’t just think line caught yellow snapper or river trout, but sand mullet, rock flathead and local pike. We’ve long been used to descriptors for seafood (Coffin Bay Oysters, Jarvis Bay Scallops, etc.) but fish will be labeled in markets and on menus too such as Tasmanian Reef Leatherjacket and Exmouth Tarwhine (a type of Bream).

Food Trucks and Pop Ups
The doughnut van and kebab truck have some serious competition in 2012, with mega trendy food vans arriving in force. A big hit in the states such as Nom Nom or Kogi (serving Korean BBQ taco twists), and a growing trend in Asia, food vans are temporary trucks serving hip and delicious restaurant food. Think the Taco Truck and Beatbox Kitchen in Melbourne taking food straight to the people, or trendy Little Piggy Van in Sydney with food made fresh at the kitchen of Cibo e Vino each morning. Some restaurants are using food vans to grow their audience. Dhaba at the Mill in Kyneton service the towns further afield with their Dhaba truck and Dhaba Van dishing up locally sourced and delicious curries from the pop up windows in Woodend and Castlemaine in central Victoria.

Artisan produce
Food in 2011 was all about sourcing locally, growing your own where possible and looking back at the basics, and this trend will go one further in 2012. Restaurant and pub chefs alike will be making their own chacuterie, artisan cheeses and preserves. Look out for ranges of restaurant branded produce on tasting paddles and plates and even some take home jams, preserves and pickles from your favourite chef made on premises.

The Whole Deal
The suckling pig, sustainably farmed and roasted whole was back on the menu in 2011, and will be joined in 2012 by some other beasts and birds. Special boards will have a centerpiece meat on the menu - Think farmed rabbit stuffed and roasted whole to share for 2, or a Hesket organic spring lamb spit roasted and carved as the daily special.

Po boys, Sliders and Pulled Meats
Long time US favourites, these will be storming our shores with versions from the pub grub pulled pork belly burger to the high end gourmet slider tasting plates. Food vans will jump on board too on this perfect for take away trend.

Meat Free Mondays
With Vegetarian food becoming more about sustainable eating tied into our general wellbeing than ever before, just like the AFDs (alcohol free days) Meat Free Mondays have started. Many restaurants are introducing a vege centric specials menu to attract non vegetarian customers to try a day without meat. Think lighter, healthier and really tasty combinations that will probably spread to the rest of the week.

I could add in Sous Vide and thermo mixing, artisan ice cream, eggs of all types but will leave those here. Please email me with any questions or great finds at and culinary regards for a great 2012!


Georgina Matherson - Surface Work.

– posted by Sally

The Surface work was produced within three historical buildings in Detroit, two of which where abandoned.  I had spent 5 months of intense research, then upon arrival, I could really only see the surface of the city.

As an outsider each city becomes new with everyone that comes in contact with it. The Surface images reflect this idea.

One of my Approaches to photography is to turn the image into something other than a photograph, with the textures and abstract compositions the viewer must discover if they are looking at a painting, tapestry or a photograph.

Georgina held her first exhibition in November 2010 at the tcb gallery in Melbourne. We look forward to seeing more work from her.


Welcome to The Window Project.

– posted by Sally

What’s the idea behind The Window Project
So we now have The Window Project up and running. The idea is simple. We want to take as many portraits as possible in 3 weeks. These are democratized portraits – we have other work to do so we’ve put a camera behind the banner (see below if you’re thinking of nicking it) and set it to take a photo every 5 seconds. Whoever feels the urge to follow on or all of the instructions – STOP, POSE, SMILE will have their photo taken. We’ll periodically take the photos out of the bank where it’s located, throw them into our magical portrait processing machine and put the pictures of people up on our facebook page, creating a gallery of portraits. We hope we can then connect with those people and decide to do something with those portraits down the track – exhibition, book or the like….

How did it start?
When our bank said we could have some window space to promote our business we thought – gee that’s strange for a bank. So what did we do? Well initially we went great, lets put up a banner with ads for our awesome photography courses. Then we went nah, that’s lame, how about we use it for a cool photography project instead. That seemed much more fun!! Then the bank said you’ve got 5 days until you need to install. We said how what when @$%@!! A night of brainstorming, a photoshoot, some banner design, some quick turnaround printing and some creative install ideas and we now have The Window Project…..

Where can I see the photos ?
At this early stage, we’re collecting the photos every few days and then getting rid of the duds and uploading the ones that look something like portraits onto our facebook page – We hope these will then be shared and liked by the facebook community and world will spread like wildfire until there are people lining up to be photographed. Now that would be cool!

Where do I go to get my photo taken?
Just head to the corner of Swanston and Collins St in Melbourne. The project is setup in the window of the Westpac bank, just stand in front of the window with a big photo of a camera in it.

How many photos will you take?
We’re trying to take a photo every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day for a month. Our rough calculation (remember we’re photographers not mathematicians) is that we’ll take around 17,000 frames a day which is 100,000+ a week which is around half a million photos over a month!!! . Then we have to edit out all the junk (not a lot of love around here for that job!!!) and give the people back the portrait jewels

What if I want to nick the camera?

Well, firstly it’s inside the bank. If you want to take on the banks multilayered security system, that’s your choice. Secondly, the camera’s not really worth stealing. We need our high end gear for our regular jobs so the one in the window ain’t that grand. Thirdly, by stealing the camera, you’ll mess up the project and have the bad Karma of all those unmade portraits on your head…

What if I don’t want my photo taken?
If you don’t want your photo taken, then please don’t STOP, POSE and SMILE for us. If we do take your photo and you later decide you don’t want it shown, please let us know which photo (via the facebook page) or email us and let us know. We’ll take it down.

Who are you anyway?
We’re a team of photographers who work out of a studio in Port Melbourne called Blue Tree Studios. We work as professional photographers most of the time, working on anything from corporate portraits to high end advertising campaigns and documentary projects. We also run photography courses aimed at helping amateur photographers take better photos.

My photos are often terrible; tell me more about your photography courses
We currently run 2 courses suitable for a wide range of people under our Happier Snapper brand. Our 2 ½ hour introductory course has been running for about a year and we’ve had over 2,000 people through this course who have loved it. It’s aimed at anyone with any camera, is non-technical and fun.

We also run a photography walking tour from the city along the Yarra and into the Docklands. This is a 3-hour walking tour which gives people a hands-on photographic experience in a small class size with loads of personal attention. This one really gets peoples photography jumping along in leaps and bounds. For more information, check the events on our facebook page.

Does this have anything to do with Westpac bank?
Westpac has given us the window, other than that they have had absolutely no input into what we’re using it for. There is no link to the bank, it’s not a promotion for the bank and they get no benefit or use of the images out of it.

Joseph Feil


ACMP Trampoline. Show us your best.

– posted by Kerry

Trampoline Melbourne is having a good old fashioned slide night and catch up.
Email 2-5 of your favourite photographs that you would like to show off to with the subject Tramp Slide Night send files no bigger than 1920×1080pixels at 72dpi.
This will be a good way to get to know each other, learn about what everyone is up to and be inspired! Weather it be your uni project, personal project or commercial work, we want to see it!

This is also a good opportunity to get feedback on work before our Folio review night coming up in a few months time.
We'll be meeting at 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start time on

Tuesday 24th APRIL.
2/126 Bertie St
Port Melbourne

Entry is $5 for trampoline members with files to show, $50 entry without files to show*
$10 non trampoline members
This includes the usual beverages and snacks
Put it in your diaries now.
Pros forward this to your assistants.

As for the rest of you don't forget to invite your photography friends, colleges and fellow students/ assistants.

If you were forwarded this email and want to be on the mailing list, click on subscribe.

*not really but we will be very sad if you're too lazy/shy to send files to show, we want to see what you have so get on it!



2012 Professional Aerial Photographers Association Awards.

– posted by Sally

Andrew Griffiths entered the 2012 Professional Aerial Photographers Association International Conference held in the US earlier this month.

The photography awards recognise a large group of photographers from all over the world who specialise in Aerial Photography, coming together once a year to share ideas and showcase their best work.

Andrew picked up 'Peoples Choice', 'Judges Choice', 'Best Commercial Aerial Photography' and overall winner with the 'Highest Scoring Print' for this aerial panorama captured whilst hovering 500ft above Docklands. 3 weeks of planning, 1 highly modified camera system and 20 minutes of golden light went into the creation of this twilight panorama.

Congratulations Andrew!


Jesse Marlow- Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them (Part 3)

– posted by Kerry

Winner of the 2011 International Street Photography Award, Jesse Marlow's next solo exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery is the final instalment of his series, Don't Just Tell Them, Show Them which is based on his book featuring the whole series to be published in late 2012. The influence for this body of work includes architecture, painting and film with inspiration coming from the Australian Modernist painter Jeffrey Smart to French film director Jacques Tati. Contrived photo shoots and intricately designed set-ups have never interested Jesse Marlow, rather it is the uncertainty of street photography that continues to stimulate him.

Over the last twelve years, Jesse Marlow has exhibited extensively both locally and overseas. He is currently featured in the publication Hijacked Vol. 3 Australia and UK (Big City Press) with a 6 double-page spread. The publication is a selection of the best photographic artists from Australia and the UK which coincides with the exhibition at Quad Gallery, UK and PICA, Perth. In 2011, he was featured in the documentary film Insight which premiered at the Tate Modern in London and in 2010 he was amongst the 45 Street Photographers from around the world profiled in the book Street Photography Now (Thames & Hudson). Marlow's recent solo exhibitions include the London Street Photography Festival and OAO (One And Only) at Anna Pappas Gallery, 2011. In the same year, two works from the OAO series were selected for the CCP/City of Yarra Billboard in Melbourne. Marlow has taken part in a number of group shows, including Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography from Australia and the United Kingdom (QUAD Gallery, UK), Heavenly Creatures (Heide Museum of Art), Head On Alternative Portraits Prize (ACP, Sydney) and Australian Rules: Around the Grounds touring exhibition (Monash Gallery of Art, City Museum Melbourne, Mildura Arts Centre, Wangaratta Art Gallery and Australian Embassy, Washington). His work is held in public and private collections across Australia including Monash Gallery of Art, State Library of Victoria and Australian Parliament House, Canberra. Jesse Marlow is exclusively represented by Anna Pappas Gallery.

Opening Night
Wednesday 18 April, 6.30pm
13 April
19 April - 26 May, 2012


Photographer Lachlan Moore has a blog too….

– posted by Kerry

It's really cool, so we think you should check it out.


Mauro Palmieri

– posted by Sally

Toni Newman strikes again and sent me Mauro Palmieri.
Mauro is an incredibly artistic, passionate shooter and stems from a long line of artists. He has always separated his art and commercial work and was at a stage where he needed direction.
His artwork is sensual, raw and to me very fashion orientated. His commercial work is technically sound, and he was shooting for a good list of clients, but wasn’t offering that point of difference.
We discussed combining his commercial and artistic work, so his folio was overwhelmingly commercial, yet able to show his "other side”.
The outcome has been fantastic. His folio has a purpose and creativity that exhilarates. My three favourite spreads are


Siri Hayes at CCP.

– posted by Sally

Exhibitions 13 April – 27 May 2012
Opening Thursday 12 April 6–8pm at Centre for Contemporary Photography.



James Knowler’s mining video.

– posted by Kerry

Have a look at some of the work James has been doing with video on mining sites.

Nice work James.


Chris Polack.

– posted by Sally

Chris Polack's experience as a world-renowned BMX photographer, along with his time at the helm of seminal BMX magazine Rebelyell makes him a cut above the rest – he creates work that is highly stylized, both grimy and elegant. His celebrated BMX photography skills are now changing the lense through which audiences consider fashion photography, applying his movement-motivated, documentary sensibility to a new field. Though the subject matter of his shots might change, Polack's signature style with its moody, romantic grime always leaves its mark.

His work has taken him all around the world. Be it the behind the scene's at Fashion festivals, a Red Bull event to cover world-famous musicians and artists or just walking the streets of Melbourne and Sydney shooting kids or wild characters, Polack thrives on the excitement of not being able to control what unfolds in front of his camera. What he can control, though, is the work he produces to share his unique view of the world.

Polack's skill as a photographer has gained him commercial clients including Nike, Red Bull, Carhartt, Vans and Guiness. He was a finalist in both the Rayban and Monster Children photo competitions in 2011, and a semi-finalist for the Moran Prize in 2010.

He has has work appear in some of fashion's most respected publications, such as And Men Magazine, Yen, Acclaim Magazine, and SPOOK, working with some of the biggest names in Australian fashion, including Andrej Pejic, Anja Konstantinova, and Samantha Downie.

Whether he’s shooting stocky guys on tiny bikes, women in lovely clothes, or any of the colourful characters around his Collingwood studio, Chris brings a fresh eye to the world, capturing movement and pinning a small piece of life to the page.


So what’s it like to work with Sally for the day? Brandon Rossen tell’s us.

– posted by Kerry

Today I was sitting around the table with Sally. 

I told her I loved her, I didn’t know I said it out loud. 

She looked at me, I said "I just love working with you, I'd write you the best testimonial."
She said "do it", and Sally doesn’t bullshit.  So here I sit trying to explain what was going through my mind when my mouth moved faster than my brain.
I love Sally, its true, she’s the best.  Everyone wants a friend that says you look great when you’ve just got a hair cut that would make most people buy a hat. 

The friend that says tastes good to me, when you just burned the hell out of some chicken. 

It’s a good friend to have but Sally’s not that friend.
Sally doesn’t bullshit, and that’s why I love her.

I came to Sally because I needed help, because I’ve had plenty of people tell me how great I am, but I’d never had anyone tell me where I was falling short, the things I was overlooking, the mistakes I didn’t even know I was making. 

Sally helped me understand where I was in my career, and where I wanted to go, I came to her with a book of random photos, and I left with a folio. I knew where I wanted to go in my career but I had no idea how to get there.  I left with renewed confidence in the styles that I excelled at, and a realistic understand of why I was failing at others, a folio I was proud to show, and a studio to run my business out of. 

On her blog sally says she can be your greatest asset, she is definitely mine.


Thanks for letting us know about One Eyeland, Zoe Wetherall.

– posted by Sally

One Eyeland is  a website for commercial photographers and showcases some of the best images from around the world.
Photographers submit images and if they are good enough, they are chosen to be displayed on the site.
Zoe has been selected for Picture Of The Day- twice, Picture Of The Week, and Photographer Of The Week- twice as well as Photographer Of The Month.

(mostly aerial shots from hot air ballooning).

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