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Rachelle Davey

– posted by Rachelle

Congratulations to Rachelle Davey who won First Place in the "Food for Sale" category in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year Competition with her image Siblings.


Christian Mushenko

– posted by Rachelle

Christian Mushenko's latest exhibition, Longing will be held at the ArtHouse Hotel from 13 May 2013 -13 July 2013.

Longing references a quiet drama present in the photographs. They portray a light beyond darkness, a release into something beyond. Created without a lens, the images are not a ‘focused’ view of the world, but a more basic response to light, and become abstract colour field images. This 'lack of focus' removes us from the actual subject in front of us. Instead it hints at the mysterious, often unclear vision of our futures, made up of our internal desires and a longing for what we don't have.

The exhibition will donate 20% of its proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Angela Miller’s New Folio

– posted by Rachelle

"Sally has a keen eye and helped me see my work in a new light! She was also able to tie some of my old work in with much newer photographs… revealing the creative thread in my photography and creating a folio that encompasses more of my work and my vision as a photographer."

Angela Miller


The Brownbill Effect Newsletter

– posted by Rachelle

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Darren Howe

– posted by Sally

"Darren Howe is a former Fairfax photographer whom I had the pleasure of working with earlier this year.

He is an amazing guy full of great stories to tell, not only through his photography but through words too.

Once I started speaking and getting to know Darren on our day we spent together, I found out he had a real talent for writing and was a soft gentle story teller.

As I looked at his images and listened to him, I began to imagine a folio where we could show the variety of environmental portraiture and journo style photography he shot, coupled with his stories.

So I did just that. Most of the folio is images, but dotted throughout I have included 6 spreads of an image on one side and a story relating to that image on the other.

It is a striking book, with warmth, human suffering and emotion. Here are a few of my favourite spreads."


Words next to Image as follows...

The blue and red flashing lights where reflecting over the summit of the hill on Farnsworth Avenue as I drove toward them. Then a human voice came out of the phone. “Someone took a shot at Des Moran last night; we want you to get a shot of him.”
I walk in through a front gate not knowing what to expect. The house is unpainted and appears to need some repairs to the walls. The garden is overgrown. Des is standing next to a dilapidated Mercedes. He looks to be in a state of decline. Middle aged and overweight he has the look of a heavy drinker. His movements are small and manage to be slow and jumpy at the same time.
He is offering someone a professional critique as I approach. “Mate I was sitting in the car and this dumb bastard runs across in front of the car and shoots at me as he goes. The bullet hit the steering wheel. But this guy was too busy shit- ting himself and running away to know. What he should have done was stop, come back and put two in my head.”
I walk up and introduce myself. “I suppose you want a damned photo?” he asks. I had already decided I wanted to get the bullet hole in front of Des in the shot and something told me Des wasn’t in the mood for hanging around to be sweet- ened into it. “Can you sit in the driver’s seat and look through the windscreen at me?” Des stiffened and there was a long moment of silence.
“You want me to fucking what?” I asked him again. “Why the fuck would I do that?” Judging by his reaction I figured no one has asked him to do this yet. “I just want to get a different shot” I reply, deciding not to mention the words bullet and hole.
Des walks over and sits in the seat. I hold a flash in my hand going through the driver’s window and lean across the peeling paint on the car bonnet. I am going to have to get the light levels quick. I take a shot and Des gets up to walk away. I check the photo and the light isn’t quite right. I ask Des if I can take just one more shot. “You want a fucking lot mate” he says and stares at me. I adjust the flash and take another shot. Des just gets up and walks away. I check the shot, it has worked.

Darren Howe


Trampoline - Pia Johnson

– posted by Rachelle

Pia Johnson is a photographer and visual artist. Her work ranges from close-up portraits to large landscapes, abstract textural shots to performance photography. She has exhibited nationally in group and solo exhibitions, as well as in the USA. Her work is collected in private and public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria.

Her photographs have appeared in Rolling Stone, The Monthly, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Age, The Adelaide Review, The Herald Sun as well as independent and cultural papers including Zing Shanghai's Xintiandi magazine.

Regularly photographing for the Arts, she has taken portraits of key arts figures including Geoffrey Rush, Paul Grabowsky, Tim Rogers, Kate Kendall, Magda Szubanski, Virginia Gay and Paul Kelly, and her clients include the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), Arena Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Youth Music, Next Wave Festival, Strut n Fret, Victorian Opera and many more.

2013 includes a newly commissioned work 'Hong Bao' as part of the Castlemaine State Festival, a solo exhibition at Stockroom Gallery, her series 'Middle Kingdom' being published in The Bureau magazine, a group show 'Snake Snake Snake' at the Sydney Town Hall and an artist residency in Japan.

PHOENIX STUDIOS has been kind enough to donate their studio space for this event.

6:00pm for a 6:30pm start 




More information


Marcus Thomson

– posted by Rachelle

Congratulations to Marcus Thomson who has been selected as a nominee in

the Photography Masters Cup with the above two images Silhouette Cows and Aerial Flood Plains.


Sebastien Millier

– posted by Rachelle

This new series by Sebastien Miller is called Welcome!
"A Series about the insular nature of Australia. Or how being isolated creates a paradox between curiosity about what lies over the sea and fear of invasion"
See the whole story here


Seminar Pixel Perfect Prolab Sydney

– posted by Rachelle

More information and to book


Assisting Photographers

– posted by Rachelle

Once you get into industry and start assisting, the learning curve starts all over again and this time it is steeper. You now have real clients and $$$ hovering over you. You need to learn on the run, deal with finding resources, difficult clients, and politics.
You need to know how to manage your time, your finances and marketing. Learning and observing as an assistant is a fast track to all of this. Ask questions and lots of them!!

We are in one of the most exciting industries you can imagine, working as an assistant takes all of the knowledge you learnt at university or college and puts it into a practical environment. How wonderful!!

Here is an assistant on TBE Emma Stryder who we asked a few questions on this very subject. Your thoughts Emma??

ASSISTING: the other side of Graduation.

• Think of assisting as character building, no kit is too heavy, no start time too early. Think of your photographer as Mr. Miyagi, they've earned their stripes, now it's time to for you to wax on, wax off.
• Everyone likes their gear packed a certain way. Each way is different, that is for certain.
• Bring gaffa tape, bulldogs clips, etc, the kind of thing you might need quickly on a shoot but you left it in St Louis.
• Be adaptable, some photographers want your input, some don't. But be sure to wait until your asked for it, no one likes a back seat driver!
• Don't answer your phone, or get blogging on set, it's sure to be the one moment you're needed -pronto!
• Be a sponge, or better yet, a mop. Soak up the experience but make sure you're standing up ready to be useful


Wren’s New Folio

– posted by Sally

What a pleasure working with Wren, he is one of life's true gentlemen, a lovely young man. Here are some of my favourite pages from his new folio.

See more on Wren's website.



– posted by Rachelle

Get your entries in for the ACMP 21 CENTURY  PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION VIVID 2013.

What does the 21st century mean to you? How would you record a single moment, a single glance, a single life changing experience?

All images that are selected for exhibition will be hung at The Overseas Passenger terminal as Part of Vivid and Head On From May 31st 2013, and again at the Ballarat Biennale and the IDEA show in September 2013 in Melbourne.

More details and to submit

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