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Tess Everett

– posted by Rachelle

New work from Tess Everett

"Rock Chic is my latest personal project produced and photographed by myself in collaboration with stylist Rosemary Sarr. It is a fashion story focusing on the fusion of current trends using vintage and new clothing and accessories to highlight that fashion is a continuous and vicious cycle. Having access to an extravagant and vibrant wardrobe of the ever popular fashionista was a dream to work with and a great platform for creative style and exploration. The 'Rock Chic' look is very much a current style in fashion and by using feathers, studs and sequins we accentuate this theme. To create imagery from your own concept rather than to be given a brief is so refreshing and rewarding and something we sometimes struggle to find time for and to justify. It opens us up to the next challenge or project whilst showing the world what we love."


Mardiana Sani

– posted by Rachelle

Recent work from Mardiana Sani

*Published on The Fashionisto on 16th June 2013.*

Featuring fresh face Rory Trobbiani styled in amazingly crafted designs by John Hancock.


Going through the wavering motions of a gap year, I imagine Rory floating in a suspended reality.
In this photograph, I attempt to reflect the fragility of Rory's later youth - similar to the lamb's transition into a sheep.

Whilst conveying the emotional uncertainties of being young, I also yearned to highlight the potential prestige of this coming-of-age moment.
The Autumn leaves, personifies the shedding of one's identity - roaming into a volatile winter to somehow unearth the sense of self around spring again.


BIFF - BUILDING A PORTFOLIO with Sally Brownbill

– posted by Sally

Don't miss this great opportunity to have a one on one session with me at my Building a Portfolio Workshop taking place at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, on August the 17th from 10am to 4pm.

I will take you through samples of commercial photographers folios I have designed and explain why pages work well together and highlight the reasons behind combinations of images. I can show you practical ways at looking at a body of work and give you tips on editing your own images, something that most photographers find extremely difficult.

In the afternoon you will show me your own portfolio. I will give you tips on what is working, what isn’t and why. I will give you ideas on how to improve the layout and content of the folio. Each member in the workshop will gain valuable knowledge on their own portfolios and also learn from listening to the comments and questions from their peers when they show theirs.

There are 10 places only, please join me, I'd love to see you there! Book here.


HiVis Pictures - “Domain Interchange”

– posted by Rachelle

"After we, "HiVis Pictures", was awarded the contract to create a "Dynamic Time-lapse" the reality of being totally committed to one project for 15 consecutive days and nights was both exciting and overwhelming.

Starting at midnight on Good Friday this year we were thrust into the busiest and most tense construction environment we had ever experienced. The constructor was under enormous pressure to deliver the project on time and on budget and a client "photographer" was the last thing they needed.

We decided within the first 10 minutes that we were not going to ask for any assistance from anyone...and basically just got on with it. We used three cameras throughout the process, a fixed camera attached to anything we could find (hand rails, electrical poles and a bus stop) to capture consecutive days of work. We roamed around with another camera and tripod and "picked" off as many short scenes as we could to build a story.

One piece of equipment came in handy and added a different perspective to the whole process and that was a GoPro camera. We fixed to all sorts of spots (moving rail, excavators, trucks etc).

After the photography was complete we had the unenviable task of organising the scenes into a 3 minute video and picking an appropriate tune. About 70% of what was shot never made it out of the editing suite. Seeing the video for the first time is like opening a Christmas present.....very rewarding. The client was happy it got nightly news coverage and is now used for all sorts of presentations. We sat down afterwards and had a cold beer....we reckon we had earnt it."

Client: "Yarra Trams" and "Public Transport Victoria"
Constructor: "Coleman Rail"

HiVis Pictures


Armelle Habib

– posted by Rachelle

Armelle Habib is an editorial and advertising photographer who lives in Melbourne.

Armelle's passion for photography evolved during the 15 years she spent travelling through Australia and Asia and living in Europe. Her exposure to art and architecture instilled in her a love of design and unique objects. Photography became the focus of her creative endeavours.

1. Inside Out Cover April 2013.  Styling:  Julia Green
2. Inside Out Cover July-August 2013.  Styling :  Heather Nette King
3. Elle Decoration UK July 2013 Styling:  Heather Nette King
4. Feast Magazine San Sebastian story June 2013


Bowness Photography Prize

– posted by Rachelle

Entries to the Bowness Photography Prize are open.

Now in its eighth year the $25 000 non-acquisitive William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize has become one of Australia’s most coveted photography prizes.

The prize is one of the country’s most open prizes for photography, accepting film-based and digital work from amateurs and professionals. There are no thematic restrictions.

Entries close: midnight Wednesday 10 July 2013

More information and how to enter

Image: Jesse Marlow 2012 Bowness Photography Winner


BIFF - BUILDING A PORTFOLIO with Sally Brownbill

– posted by Sally

Take this opportunity at Ballarat International Foto Biennale to join a workshop with myself on buidling a portfolio.

Hands on advice, with a small group size - places are limited.

More information and to book here.

Check out all the other great events at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 17 AUG - 15 SEPT 2013.


BIFB Collection 2013

– posted by Sally

125 prints - 125 photographers - No Names - 1 Sunday Gala Event

As a major fundraising event for the 2013 Ballarat International Foto Biennale we invite you purchase a RED DOT for the BIFB Collection 2013 Exhibition. For just $100, you might just pick up a famous Australian or International master while also supporting the BIFB and helping to ensure its ongoing success!

Purchase a RED DOT for $100. Holders of a RED DOT will be entitled to choose one print (per red dot) from the BIFB Collection 2013 exhibition. To determine the print selection order we will hold a 'Lucky Dip'  at a Gala event at Eleven40 Gallery on Sunday 14th of July.

More information and register for a RED DOT here

Get involveded I'd love to see you there supporting BIFB!



– posted by Rachelle

Including work by The Brownbill Effect photographer Peter Eve


Ash Vesali

– posted by Rachelle

Ash Vesali's recent collaboration between master hair stylist Elise Idiens from Brad Ngata Hair Direction at Sydney Ivy and the retail fashion editor Claire Coppins from The APARTTMENT.


Glenn Campbell

– posted by Rachelle

Some latest work from Glenn Campbell.

If turning a talkfest into a series of engaging photographs wasn't hard enough, Glenn Campbell had to contend with timing (as in no time), language (at least 50 languages) and jet lagged laplanders to produce this series of portraits of delegates to the World Indigenous Network conference held in Darwin last week where 1200 delegates from across the globe gathered to discuss  indigenous land rights, preservation of culture and dealing with big business.
With wranglers/translators covering the other entry points and bringing subjects over, Glenn set up a beauty light and ring flash combo next to the elevators to make portraits delegates in traditional dress as they shuffled into the main hall..the resulting series ran 5 photos across the front page of the Sydney Morning of the page, with a gallery in the dead wood version, online and the I-Pad Edition.


Marcus Thomson

– posted by Rachelle

"In June and July 2010 I was asked by the UN in Mozambique to document the work of a radio station in remote areas of the country which was using local DJs to educate its audience regarding HIV. Whenever I could during this time, I escaped the expat scene to discover the country and its people for myself.

The UN project finished, I arrived back in the Capital Maputo and gave myself six weeks to capture my own personal journey in Mozambique. However I knew finding, and gaining access to the photographs I was after, would be tricky, as I didn’t know anyone and did not speak the local language, Portuguese.

I tracked down the only photography studio in the country and met Mario, a local photographer. He not only assisted me on shoots, but also got me into places most travellers never have access to; enabled me to meet and photograph people and living conditions outsiders never see. By the time I left the country, Mario and I had become good friends.

Mozambique is a natural wonder, but it’s the people whom I was lucky enough to meet who are the subjects of this exhibition. They’re tough, cool and tenacious, and have an amazing capacity for getting the most out of life, even under the most difficult conditions.

These images cover a diverse range people in Mozambique—artists and musicians creating works as vibrant as the country itself; city slum dwellers eking out a living on a putrid garbage dump; farmers and families struggling to survive in the unforgiving countryside, and women practicing traditional water rituals, washing away spirits and praying for husbands."

Marcus Thomson

Opening Night June 13, 6 - 8pm

X88 Gallery

88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW

Exhibition June 12 - 22


Sebastien Millier

– posted by Rachelle

Recent personal work from Sebastien Millier.

Golden Soil

Broken Hill is a small town in outback New South Wales, Australia, a pocket of civilization in the middle of the wide brown land.
Flat, dry and rich in minerals, the surrounding area is a miner's paradise, a kind of geological Las Vegas of unearthly proportions.

The mysteriously baptised Ginkgo is one of the "nearby" mining sites.
Access is by dirt track and the trip takes a couple of hours... on a good day.
Along the way, the only distraction from the barren scenery is the sight of strange clouds of dust moving in the distance.
Like a giant guard dog bearing down on an unwelcome visitor, the growling beast gets closer and closer, finally revealing its true nature as it thunders past, blocking out the sun for several long minutes.
It's just another road train hauling its bounty across the desert.

Afterwards, silence settles over the landscape once again and the dust dances slowly in the sun's golden rays.

Finally, the flatness is broken up by three jet black mountains and a crater, where modern-day metal dinosaurs gobble up the earth.
This is Ginkgo, a man-made oasis in the desert.

In this seemingly inhospitable landscape, workers toil around the clock.
Men and women spend long hours in this sun-drenched no man's land, deftly operating the massive machines that scoop, sort and transport its golden soil.

See the series of images here

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