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Julian Dolman

– posted by Rachelle

This book of photographs by Julian Dolman are from his ongoing work with the wholefood & lifestyle blog 'Harvest', which was started by himself and partner Gina along with her great friend Meaghan Tarrant.

Many a Sunday spent cooking, eating and photographing in my studio along with visits to farms, have seen us forming a great bond and passion for locally sourced sustainable food and a desire to incorporate these ideas into the way we live.

We hope you enjoy this book and follow our stories through the blog as we continue to meet more of the amazing people who grow and supply the incredible food, share great recipes and continue on our little food adventure.

About working with Sally on the new folio...

"Thrilled to work with Sally again on my 2013 folio. With this being such a new direction for
my work Sally as always has cut quickly to the core and strength of the images and helped me
bring it all together like nobody else can. Thankyou Sally"

Julian Dolman


Jack Shelton

– posted by Rachelle

"While studying in the United States I formed a strong friendship with a homeless man named Greg Glasper.
An unlikely couple a 22 year old Australian Exchange student and a 50 year old homeless ex con, but we hit it off.
I followed Greg for 4 months and what results is Greg Glasper vol 1. The first installment of what I hope to be an ongoing project and friendship."

Jack Shelton


Ian Waldie

– posted by Rachelle

Q: What’s Red Green and Blue, made up of 35,000 unique parts and has travelled the world without a suitcase?

A: Our Time Lapse and Stop Motion Vivid 2013 video.

For the third year, we were invited back to document the astonishing Vivid festival in Sydney using time lapse and stop motion photography.

Over multiple nights, we shot and sticky-taped together 35,000 still frames to form the official Vivid time lapse video. On opening night, key sequences were delivered to deadline to be cut into the Video News Reel, which was then released worldwide to news outlets and agencies. Our footage featured on the sites of the BBC, Guardian, CNN and countless others around the world.

We used some standard time lapse techniques, added a few motion control units and threw in a little hyper-lapsing for good luck, all whilst hoisting umbrellas over the delicate equipment to protect it from sudden angry rainstorms.

It really was some slide show.

Ian Waldie


Nite Art

– posted by Rachelle


Nite Art 2013 is a new art event and digital platform for Melbourne. For the first time on one night, Melbournians can experience simultaneous gallery openings and art walk across 21 well-known, cutting edge and experimental gallery and artist run spaces in the CBD and Nth Melbourne.

Wednesday 24th July: 6–11PM.

Nite Art Website


Gertrude Street Projection Festival

– posted by Rachelle

Happening from the 19 to 28 July, the festival celebrates projection art and lets us see familiar spaces and buildings in new, inspired ways. Check out last years video and get planning.

Runs every night 6pm - Midnight.

Opening Night Ceremony - Fri 19 July 6pm to 7pm
Atherton Gardens

More info here


Daniel Sponiar

– posted by Rachelle

Recent work from Daniel Sponiar...

"The series I'm doing on chefs is a personal project, trying to show another side to them. Most of these guys are fairly recognisable, so I like to show a side to their personality that most people wouldn't know about. Like, something else they may be passionate about, or something in their past that has led them to where they are today. Food is tied into it, but it's not the first thing you see.

So far I've shot Luke Mangan, Shannon Debreceny, Darren Robertson and Shane Delia"


Patrick Redmond - Chelsea Flower Show

– posted by Rachelle

Having covered The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show for the last eight years and after receiving a commission, I was itching to head over to the UK to see how the Brits put on a show. With months of planning under my belt, 24 hours in the air and a 4.30 am start, my trusty assistant  and I were at the show for the official press day of the 2013 Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.
As predicted The UK  greeted us in its usually chilly fashion with the thermometer hovering  around 8 degrees, no sun, just completely grey and overcast despite being almost summer.

Chelsea is the highlight on the Spring social calendar so as well as dozens of photographers jockeying for the best vantage of the show gardens there were also large media scrums hoping to gain their share of celebrity pics.
By 3pm the whole show was closed down to allow members of the royal family and select A listers to peruse the show at their leisure. Next day up again at 4.30 am to head back and pick up where we left off only this day was the first day open to the general public and by 9 am the crowds were so thick that we could barely move let alone shoot, so it was time to pack up and try again tomorrow.

Aside from the normal challenges of working out of a suit case, jet lag and really bad coffee, what a fortuitous time to be there. After 9 years, the Australians under the helm of Flemmings Nurseries finally won the prestigious Best In Show. This does not mean the Aussies did not make a good account of themselves in the past but Best In Show is the equivalent to an Oscar or Grammy in the gardening world.

The garden featured a lush gorge with huge boulders, a natural Billabong using recycled water and a native wildflower meadow. It also featured a three meter high cubed home studio inspired by a Waratah flower.
At a cost of over 2 million dollars, constructed by seventeen volunteers labouring for three weeks and 38 tons of materials sourced from all over Britain, The Trailfinders Australian Garden, presented by Flemmings and designed by Phillip Johnson was a well deserved win.

Patrick Redmond


Sebastien Millier

– posted by Rachelle

New work from Sebastien Millier

Tribute to Doisneau: pay your coffee with a kiss!

Agency: Lavender Sydney
Client: Metro Saint James French bistro
C.D: Marco Eychenne                                                                                        
A.D: Jerome Gaslain
Writer: Danielle White


James Knowler

– posted by Rachelle

"I've been building a High Definition 3G time-lapse camera that is now sitting on a mine site in Queensland.

It turns itself on at 6am, takes a photo every 15mins until 9pm when it turns itself off.
The files are automatically sent via a modem to my server. We upload the images to my Photo Library system so clients can download high resolution images. Every month I put the images together as a time lapse.

The system is solar powered and has a special chemical on the glass screen protecting the lens, cleaning itself. So basically the camera doesn't need to be touched.

This project will be going for a 2 years. It will be showing the development of a copper processing plant.

Planning on getting this system out to constructions, property developers and mining companies."

James Knowler






Thinking of taking a chance? Need help with direction?

– posted by Rachelle

Sally offers 2 hr consultations to talk about your photography, discuss what you want to be shooting and give advice about how to achieve it. Many people have come to Sally over the years to seek clarification about their work and leave the consultation feeling so much clearer about how to achieve what they want. Contact Sally if you need a consultation, she would love to hear from you.

One such person was student Kye Thompson, and here is her story...(Kye's image above)

"I had done the TAFE diploma course about the same time I started teaching. I finished the course and found that I couldn't do both whole heartedly. Most of my energy went into teaching and I did my photography on the weekends. Of course this didn't really work and I let the photography go doing small shoots now and then.
After quite a few years teaching the commitment was waning and I had a feeling of dissatisfaction and my life felt empty. After giving it a lot of thought I quit teaching and applied to Sydney College of the Arts, to study photomedia.

It was very scary for most of the first year as I fretted about loss of security, money and status, yet towards the end of last year I found that I was happy, being challenged, exposed to new ideas and being pushed beyond my boundaries.
Now in 2nd year I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing, what I fretted about has little importance."



– posted by Rachelle

Come along to Borges next Tuesday and learn what it takes to be a great assistant! and the drawing of Borges competition is finally here.

For our July Trampoline we are very lucky to be hearing from the amazing James Geer. He will share some of his work with us and give his tips for being the kind of assistant photographers not only call back but call first. We will also cover common mistake assistants make and how to avoid them. We will also have pro assistants there on the night to share tips from an assistants perspective. As well as must know equipment how to's and demos. This is a must for those not getting much assisting work or looking for work in the near future.



CGI - Behind the Scenes with Lightfarm Studios

– posted by Rachelle

CGI artist Raf Vallaperde's 'Drunk Aliens' scene won 'Best Modeling' award at the annual CG Society 'Challenge' competition, widely regarded as the 'Oscars' of CGI.

Check out the video to see a fascinating look at the image creation process.

Lightfarm Studios


Jon Love

– posted by Rachelle

New personal work from Jon Love

"These pictures came from observation during a few visits to Sculpture by the Sea on the Bondi to Tamarama walk, noticing how people were eager to capture images of the various artworks.
I shot the series in a few short visits during the busiest times, trying to get some humorous moments, and although people were enjoying the exhibits, it seemed as though capturing pictures of each and every piece featured overshadowed just experiencing something of the artists' viewpoint. With more images captured last year than all previous years combined in the history of photography, the reality is that the great majority of images taken may rarely be reviewed again, until they become part of a 'future history' themselves."

See more from this series Snap Happy here.


Capture Tree Article

– posted by Rachelle

Thrilled to be involved with Capture Tree, follow the link here to read my article

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