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Truly Madly

– posted by Sally

James Knowler takes photos – and has been for 12 years.

After 5 years as a press photographer and another 7 managing his own photography business, James has gathered a team of expert photographers and established a specialist studio for weddings, parties, portraits and – wait for it – ‘pawtraits’.

He calls the studio ‘Truly Madly’ – a reflection of the romance that is attached to photography carefully crafted to permanently capture his subjects’ personalities for the people who love them.
The scope and scale of Truly Madly can be seen at a new website, There, James and his team showcase the range of photography that comes from the skill, intelligence and humour they bring to their work.

“People make a great effort now to make their wedding different to those of friends and family members, “ James says, “but don’t always think about how their photography – the permanent record of that one day – can reflect how it was different and what a special day it was”.

James says he and his fellow photographers spend a lot of time to ensure their images are honest and real reflections of their clients. In their wedding photography, for example, he says they “gently interrogate” the bride and groom to ensure they capture the essence of their relationship and their wedding – even going to Pinterest to identify their taste and style.

But it’s not just in the image content that Truly Madly is extending the scope of wedding photography. “We’re conscious of the significant investment the bride and groom make in their wedding photography, and are continually working on ways to increase the return on that investment,” James says.

As a result, images can now be delivered in a range of new formats:
• Photo Wink – imagine all the photos from a photo booth collected into a stop-motion animation, then apply the idea to a spot at a wedding or other gathering. The result can be sent as a link to all guests.
• Sweet Dreams – a restricted-access online portal through which prints can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world.
• Printed albums – the perfect reminder of a wonderful occasion, and a much-appreciated gift for family members, albums can be printed in sizes ranging from passport to coffee table.
• Postcards and thankyou cards – a customized thankyou card or postcard is a short-and-sweet reminder of a great day (perhaps featuring a behind-the-scene moment it’s best Grandma didn’t see).
James says all Truly Madly photographers are very happy to travel with parties. “Beaches, rural properties and outback locations – we’re more than willing to pack a toothbrush or a passport,” he says.
To discover Truly Madly’s unique approach, visit


Everything about Africa changes everyone who goes there, in ways big and small

– posted by Sally

Melbourne-based photographer Dianna Snape is no exception.

“The beauty is breathtaking and the hardship is heartbreaking,” says Dianna.

Lunch money, a ten day online auction from November 1 – 10, as a starting point, explains Dianna, is simple: “we want to raise enough money to feed 47 Tanzanian primary school children a healthy lunch every day for a year.”

She is keen to point out that’s the “bare minimum” — the more money raised, the more that can be done, including serving a greater variety of food and paying for medical checkups to help monitor the children’s health.

A quick examination of what’s on offer in lunch money’s auction — as diverse as it is darling — shows it’s in pretty good shape to deliver. 

The catalogue’s “fabulousness” says Dianna, is thanks to the “precious big-heartedness” and “colossal generosity” of the creative community and beyond. 

The swanky swag of more than 45 bidding items ranges from: one-off original works (many designed or donated specifically for lunch money); handbags and hand-crafted jewellery, bespoke cakes and cards; a guided tour of a Robin Boyd house; to professional and creative services like a photo shoot, speaking engagement, helicopter ride, massage treatment, tax preparation and architectural consultation.

Absolutely everything for lunch money has been donated — from the logo design and illustrations by Steph Ransom from Fathom & Co to the website hosting, install and template configuration by Paul Borella at efront — which means 100% of the proceeds will be used to directly realise the meal program.

Dianna first visited Africa 20 years ago and has returned regularly these past two. She concedes the enormity of its problems can make efforts like lunch money seem futile, but insists a little still means a lot.  “When you look at what a small amount from us can do, comparatively, it’s enormous,” she says.  “Just $2.60 (AUD) will feed one of the children lunch for a week.”

It was whilst developing an after-school photographic program in Arusha that Dianna became aware short-term hunger was affecting the kids’ ability to concentrate. 
The UK-registered charity, Shika, which sponsors children’s education and runs the Watoto Wanaweza (Swahili for “Children Can”) after-school support program where Dianna volunteered, undertakes to assist Tanzania’s poorest, so its children are some of the country’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Including travel, they can spend upwards of 12 hours a day in lessons and after-school care and “generally only eat one meal a day,” explains Dianna, “which is dinner when they get home, going without breakfast or lunch.”

Inspired to help give the sponsored children “the best possible chance to take advantage of their education,” Shika trialed free fruit-and-vegetable-based lunches two days a week and Dianna committed to finding a way to make them on-going and every day. 

The trial started in July and Susi Mayer, Shika’s Tanzanian Program Manager, saw immediate improvements in attendance and attention, “I see the children more motivated in their after-school activities and tuition after getting a healthy and good meal. They are having fun eating fruit and all the children attend the centre on our fruit and vegetable days.” 

True to her word, Dianna has made good on her promise dishing up lunch money’s online auction as the fundraiser’s first-course.   

“I believe, from the bottom of my heart, when faced with the world’s wrongs people genuinely want to help put them right,” she says.  “I hope lunch money strikes a chord and people participate.”

To review auctions items and find out more click HERE.

Bidding commences 12:01am (AEDT) Friday November 1.

NAME:  lunch money
WHAT:  10-day online auction fundraiser
WHEN:  Nov 1 – 10, 2013

Media Enquiries:

All images by Dianna Snape


f11 Magazine - New issue

– posted by Sally

What is aimed at visual arts professionals, enthusiasts and aficionados, published 11 times each year, totally digital, delivered online and free?
f11 Magazine. Produced in New Zealand, f11 connects with a huge Australian following and engages with over 50,000 readers around the world.
The October issue contains 58 pages of coverage of the Canon AIPP APPA Awards 2013. Have you seen it yet? Check out the latest issue here.


Wedding & Portrait Business Seminar. Sydney - Sun Studios

– posted by Sally

Presented by SUNSTUDIOS and Canon Australia, Graham Monro, founder of leading wedding and portrait studio gm photographics and his Business Manager Lauren Bootland deliver a business-focused seminar that taps into their extensive experience shooting in the industry.

Graham and Lauren share their insights into establishing and maintaining a successful and profitable wedding & portrait business - marketing ideas that generate industry exposure and on-shoot strategies that maximise earning potential. Over the course of the seminar they will focus strongly on many tried and proven business systems; covering topics and tips also applicable to building any photographic business model in any genre.

Tuesday, Oct 22nd 2013. 1 - 6pm.

Non CPS Member Booking - $85.00+GST.
CPS Member Booking -  $60.00+GST

See more here.

SUNSTUDIOS is a world-class facility for workshops, seminars, photographic events and product launches. With access to cutting edge photographic equipment, SUNSTUDIOS aims to educate, inform and engage audiences through a quality educational program.


Carrie Mae Weems Wins $625,000 MacArthur “Genius” Award

– posted by Sally

Artist Carrie Mae Weems is one of 24 recipients of this year's fellowships from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, commonly referred to as "genius" grants. Over five years, she will take home $625,000. At 60, Weems is the oldest recipient this year.

For more than three decades, Weems has worked principally in photography and video, often combining text with images of Africans and African-Americans to explore the complex history of black identity in America.

Read More.

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