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Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976 - 1987: The Photographers’ Gallery. London

– posted by Sally

This exhibition will feature over fifty of Andy Warhol’s 8 x 10 inch black and white photographs from an extensive, but still little known body of work taken in the last decade of the Pop Art pioneer’s life. A small number of his Stitched Works will also be included in the show. The works in the exhibition will provide an insight into Warhol’s visual daily life; people in the streets, parties, uninhabited interiors, cityscapes and signage. As with his canvases, formal aspects and patterns in subject matter emerge, showing photography to be at the centre of Warhol’s thinking, looking and making.

Would love to be there for this show!!

Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976 - 1987
The Photographers' Gallery. London
Wolfson Gallery (2nd floor)
17 January - 30 March 2014


Suburban Noir - Museum of Sydney

– posted by Sally

Postwar Sydney wasn’t only about shiny cars, motor mowers and happy families. Suburban Noir explores the raw, half-built Sydney of the 1950s and early 60s through recently uncovered crime-scene images from the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, as well as contemporary artworks. The exhibition breaks with the tradition of presenting Sydney as a visual splendour, finding instead a more reserved city. The police photographs capture the spaces left behind: a moody catalogue of vacant lots, empty roads, desolate interiors and everyday fragments of life in these hard-bitten slices of Sydney. Look at these images long enough and everything starts to look like a crime scene.

Guest curator Peter Doyle invited a group of visual artists to loan existing works or create new works in response to the forensic photographs. They have responded with diverse visual sensitivities and understanding, finding drama and tragedy but also surprising stateliness and dramatic beauty. The artists are Vanessa Berry, Dallas Bray, Rhett Brewer, Charles Cooper, Theresa Darmody, Di Holdsworth, Bruce Latimer, Michael Lewy, Frank Littler, Reg Mombassa, Peter O’Doherty, Ken Searle, Susannah Thorne and Anne Wallace.

Museum of Sydney
30 November 2013 - 6 April 2014


Working on folios

– posted by Sally

Many years ago after working as an assistant and commercial photographer and realising that my passion for photography did not extend to creatives telling me what or how to shoot, I really needed to find something where I could still be surrounded with photography, photographers and all that goes with it.  But not shoot it !

Becoming an agent / producer in the 90s and teaching photography was the first step towards making up my own niche area in industry.

My passion and knowledge of how images work together, coupled with my utmost belief that each photographer needs to be totally unique in what they offer, led me into working with individual photographers on editing, building and designing their portfolios. And this went on to including editing for websites and exhibitions too.

I just love the thrill of working with each photographer I meet and helping them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Pointing out to them and advising them on what is best for their career path and even helping them to understand what that is.

Many come in with fantastic work from a variety of disciplines and I get a great thrill of making sense of that so it all looks like the same shooter and tells a personal story.

Some come in with very little work, but I enjoy being able to work through what is good and what to avoid. With these shooters I also help advise on what is lacking and set them tasks to shoot so that their body of work becomes larger and stronger.

Very accomplished photographers come in with lots and lots of images, and whilst these are BIG days, I love the sense of achievement at the end of the day, when I have narrowed it down from 300 or 400 images to around 40 or so. Producing a cohesive, knock out individual body of work.

I always say, I have the best job in the world, working across all photography disciplines and meeting photographers from all over the country and abroad (via Skype) and helping them to make the best they can be.

Selected folio spreads from 2013 in order.
Glenn Campbell (fighter plane), Martina Gemmola, Darren Howe,
Christian Mushenko, Marcus Thomson, Damien Pleming.



LIVING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NOISE 2006 - 2013. Nicola Dracoulis

– posted by Sally

Initially started in 2006 in four favelas across Rio De Janeiro, the idea was to look at the lives of teenagers living there. Seven years later, in the midst of many changes happening to the city of Rio itself, Nicola has returned to photograph to the same people, looking at the way their lives have changed.

The main work consists of a set of restaged portraits of 7 of the 9 young people Nicola initially met in 2006. Only 2 people are missing, one passed away in 2007 and the other is travelling in Europe with a circus!


Image 1 (on the balcony). Lecão Magalona (with his sister Kelly). Lecão is now 25, he lives in the same house in Vigário Geral as he did in 2006 with his mother, sister, nephews and nieces. Six years ago he saved his youngest nephew, Billy, from adoption and raises him as his own son. Billy now lives in Lecão’s old room. Lecão works as a musician in many bands, as well as recently acted in Brazilian TV Series Suburbia.

Image 2 (portrait in bedroom). Anaderges de Jesus Souza, 15 years old in 2006 now 22 years old works as a manicurist and is the proud mother of Jamilly, who is almost two years old. Anaderges is living in the same house with her family Vigário Geral, 14 family members sleep here. Her parents are struggling to make im- provements to the house because of lack of money, neither can work due to health issues.

Image 3 (the couple embracing). Herbeson ‘Binho’ Alves, now 27, lived in Parada de Lucas in 2006, he moved to Jardim Primavera two years ago, partly due to the murder of his father. Like many tragedies in the favela, there is no clear reason for his father’s death, it is especially confusing because he had no ties with the drug traffic. Binho works as a digital comms specilist for Globosat and has bought land in a new area, his house is the second to be constructed on a street that still has no name. He has plans to build 3 more homes on the same property for family members. Life is much calmer and safer now.

Image 4 (the family in living room). Marciana Oliveira de Menezes and her family, 2006 & 2013. Marciana, now 24, still lives in the same house with her family in Complexo do Alemão, but spends most of her time at her boyfriends place down the road. She gave up dancing in the AfroReggae workshops that I met her in, and now works in a shop selling clothing in the centre of the Rio de Janeiro.

Nicola Dracoulis


Photographs by Kursat Bayan. Text by Mary Ellen Mark

– posted by Sally

Mary Ellen Mark saw the work of Kürşat Bayhan while she was teaching a workshop in Bursa and wrote the preface to his first book. "I saw the work of Kürşat Bayhan while I was teaching a workshop in Bursa in September 2012. I was deeply moved by his powerful and often heartbreaking images. (...) Kürşat’s book is a visually powerful and uniquely and beautifully told story about human beings and their quest for survival. Besides being a brilliant journalist and a true humanist, Kürşat is a great poet." - Mary Ellen Mark

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