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Irreversibly Changing - Rikki-Paul Bunder

– posted by Sally

The universe is continuously, irreversibly changing . The arrow of time is unrelenting.
We are all on this journey and our decisions determine our individual experience.

The images within this series represent the irreversibly changing moments that make up this journey. They are continually happening, but most of us are completely unaware of them. We are all capable of incredible possibilities, it just comes down to the accumulation of our moments, experiences and decisions, every one of them.

See more of Rikki's work here


AddOn 2014 Exhibition

– posted by Sally


Glimpses of the Kokoda Track

– posted by Sally

The Kokoda campaign looms large in the consciousness of the Australian nation. The series of battles fought between the Australian and Japanese forces along a narrow muddy strip of jungle across the impenetrable Owen Stanley Range were bloody and desperate for both sides. The help offered by local villagers to the Australian soldiers was an important factor in their eventual success.

Each year hundreds of mostly Australian hikers journey to this unforgiving place to walk the 96km long 'Kokoda Track' with the help of local village 'porters'. There they pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the campaign, they learn about the battles won and lost and usually they learn a bit more about themselves in the process. Photographed on two hikes along the track, these black and white images evoke the memories of those who have gone before; along a steep and at times difficult trail across ridges and rivers into the dark rainforest of Papua New Guinea. The photos in the book give us pause to reflect on the sacrifices given and hardships endured. LEST WE FORGET.

Half of the profit from sales of this book will be directed to "The Kokoda Track Foundation", an Australian philanthropic organisation which aims to repay the selfless help given to Australia during World War II by the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ of Papua New Guinea by working to improve the livelihoods of the people of PNG.

Andrew Peacock




The Genesis Project. Head On Photo Festival

– posted by Sally

19 prominent photographers have delved into their archives to find the image that first made them think, “that’s it!” Each photographer will exhibit their seminal image together with an image for which they are renowned.

The exhibition aims to explore at what point photographers become photographers. What were the catalysts that transformed a child, teen or young adult into a pro photographer? What was the moment when through creating an image the child, teen or young adult realised "this is what I want to do - to make photographs, become a photographer and…to capture life’s moments”?

"In every artist's genesis there is a point - an image - that we can look back on with the realisation that the photograph taken was a defining moment of internal creative clarity. My first image that lay at the gateway of this perception was discovered on a journey through the ancient desert of South West America - in the windswept stones of Utah. A storm had laid a few tumbleweeds to rest in a hole in a ravine - a sacred place-  a burial site for Native American elders. When I took that image some thirty years ago - I knew I had creatively passed through a door of perception. I knew then the path I needed to follow internally and creatively as an artist. Photography has become for me a passport to understand the world around me. I am drawn to the edges - where light and dark, black and white, good and bad meet. They say every photograph taken eventually becomes a self portrait - regardless of where the camera is pointed. The most recent image of a traditional Cultural Mask Dance ritual in West Africa is a continued genesis of that early image. The journey continues ever deeper -  more refined as an image maker - into personal discovery, clarity of vision - and personal passion." Chris Rainier

The Genesis Project.

Exhibiting photographer(s):
Ben Lowy, Roger Ballen, Murray Fredericks, Chris Rainier, Brian Cassey, David Dare Parker, Fiona Wolf, Jackie Ranken, Katrin Koenning, Martine Perret, Sam Harris, Glenn Campbell, Jon Lewis, Peter Eastway, Craig Golding, John Donegan, Peter Solness, Phil Hillyard, Moshe Rosenzveig.

Click here to read the stories behind the seminal images of 2 of the exhibiting photographers, Chris Rainier and Murray Fredericks.

Official Opening:
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Dates of Exhibition:
Tue, 20/05/2014 to Sun, 8/06/2014
Artist Talk:
Wednesday, 9 April 2014 - 11:45am
Gallery opening hours:
Tues – Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun-Mon 11am to 4pm
M Contemporary
37 Ocean Street
2025 Woollahra,

Head On Photo Festival


who lives here

– posted by Sally

Kerry Pryor is proud to announce her participation in Head On Photo Festival, the largest photography festival in Australia, as an associated show. Returning to Sydney in 2014, the festival boasts a comprehensive program to be presented between 12th May and 8th June, showcasing a diverse range of photographers.

Kerry Pryor introduces us to the lives and homes of a group of orphaned children living in Ethiopia. Through the support of foundation, Beyond the Orphanage the children are sponsored to attend school and live with extended family members and guardians.
Repeat visits has seen Kerry develop relationships with families who have welcomed her with open arms and open hearts.

Kerry is a freelance photographer who travels wherever her work takes her.
In 2011 she was introduced to Beyond the Orphanage Foundation as she headed off on assignment to Ethiopia. Impressed by their work there she has continued working closely with them, visiting annually ever since.

“Shooting for Beyond the Orphanage has changed me. It's such a touching project. Packing my bags and heading to Ethiopia to visit the children every year is such a fantastic part of what I get to do as a photographer.”

Exhibition details:
Leichhardt Library, 23 Norton street, Leichhardt, 2014 Sydney, NSW.
12/05/14 – 29/06/14
Mon – Fri 9:30am – 8:00 pm, Sat and Sun 10am – 4:00pm

For [photographer/exhibition] media enquiries, please contact:
Name: Kerry Pryor
Ph: 0419 72 72 72

For Head On Photo Festival media enquiries, please contact 6dc:
Natalie Trethowen, Julie Seat and Amanda Fry
Ph: 02 9280 1600 or 0418 262 282
E: or or


SPEED WEEK, Marcus Thomson

– posted by Sally

For the second year running Marcus Thomson has photographed Speed Week at Lake Gairdner, South Australia in preparation for his latest exhibition showing now at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne.

SPEED WEEK explores the relationship between the die-hard speed freaks and the arid, unforgiving salt lake.

Speed Week was printed by JCP Studios and is showing at Edmund Pearce Gallery until May 31.

Marcus has also just been given an honorable mention for a Speed Week image in the Photography Masters Cup and was a nominee for a band shoot.

Speed Week
May 07 - May 31
Edmund Pearce Gallery
Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street (corner Flinders Lane)

Opening May 08 / 6 - 8pm


Capture Magazine’s annual Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards

– posted by Sally

As you may know, Capture Magazine's Top Emerging Photographers Award is one of the country’s pre-eminent platforms for raising the profile of new photographic talent.

I am very proud of 3 particular finalists, Daniel Herman and Tom Franks for the Advertising category and Tintin Hedberg for Fashion all from Hell Studios.

Congratulations also to all the other finalists. A lot of amazing new talent again showcased by Capture Magazine’s annual Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards.


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