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2 Day Intensive Video Shoot to Edit Workshop at SunStudios

– posted by Sally

Presented by Lee Herbet
Melbourne dates: Monday, Sep 1st 2014. 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sydney dates: Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2014. 9:00am – 5:00pm

Ideal for the stills photographer moving into the world of shooting and editing video footage; Lee will provide the basic principles on how to shoot for editing to ensure that you capture the shots you need to tell a compelling story.

Spanning two days, the intensive workshop will commence on Day 1 reviewing key gear inclusion and tips on DSLR settings and specs for the shoot. From here, Lee will take attendees through lighting set up, best microphone and recorder use and importantly storyboarding and planning before conducting a live shoot.

Day two will see Lee take the footage shot on Day 1 and focus on developing a rough cut, touching on audio fixes and colour grading along the way. The final product at the end of the two days being, an edited piece of footage exported for use.

The workshop focuses on a cross platform approach to video editing, encompassing mainly Final Cut Pro X, with the opportunity to learn basic skills in Adobe Premiere.

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Immersing myself in the world of nature with Angela Robertson-Buchanan

– posted by Sally

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Angela when I was in Sydney last year.

Angela has an incredible passion for nature and animals and we talked extensively about this during our meeting. Her photography is simply quite exquisite. From spider webs and praying mantis to incredibly time consuming, waiting in the bushes kind of imagery to capture birds and other creatures.

She is not frightened to get up close and personal with all living things and they too appear not to mind her doing so.

I loved designing Angela’s folio and being consumed by her world of nature. I felt that is would have a great impact on the advertising industry and designers because it is such a specialty area.

If anyone is looking to commission a shoot like this, I can tell you now, the standard excellent commercial photographer will most likely not have the fine skill sets that Angela has, nor the time and patience she shows time and time again. It could just be the kind of imagery someone needs for a campaign.

Angela is a delight to deal with, very calm and passionate.

Her award winning images need to be seen to be truly believed and embraced.

Sally Brownbill

Angela's beautiful folio was printed by Asuka Book

Angela Robertson-Buchanan

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