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Abigail Burt update…

– posted by Sally

Abigail Burt graduated from RMIT at the end of last year and received the Sally Brownbill Award which enabled her to work with me on a new folio.
She chose to do this earlier this year with New York in her sights.
She then packed a bag with a change of socks and her new folio and headed for the big smoke.
New York City- look out, Abigail is on her way.
Abi has been in the US for a few months now and she's having a great time!
We have been emailing each other and I have asked Abi to give us an outline of what she's been up to.
Here's her first instalment:
I have been taken on as an Intern at Andrea Blanch studio for 3 months. She's an ex-assistant for Richard Avedon, She's starting a new magazine called Musee. I am mainly doing retouching, printing and assisting.
I have still been assisting for Rich Begany and the latest shoot was for Maybelline.
I am steady meeting more photographers all the time, pre-dominantly still-life, to let them know that I am available for assistance. I have been doing this by simply emailing them or their assistant, asking to "meet" with them for a chat. Then I show them my folio, which has got excellent feedback by the way, and they almost always offer me work if and when it comes up. The only issue is that with my internship I am not available all the time.
This city is amazing and it never ceases to surprise me, one day it will get you down and seem to drain the life from you, and then around the corner something amazing will happen out of nowhere and pick you right back up again. The opportunities really are endless, but for photography it really seems to be tough to break into as I've heard from a few photographers, but the most important thing for me is to keep meeting people within the industry, staying positive and eager and eventually things will really start to happen!

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