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Christian Mushenko

– posted by Kerry

I met Sally as part of some HeadOn seminars in Sydney, where she was talking about her ideas on laying out folios. I really liked her creativity and different (to me) take on this. She had a look at my folio and pointed out some pretty obvious things that could be improved. I booked a day with her and it was a great experience. You instantly know when you gel with someone, as their ideas and advice are all welcome because they get you. The whole day was a meeting of like minds, and I found it very inspiring! The resulting folio is not what I would have put out there, because I was creating folios of what I think my (potential) clients wanted to see. What I ended up with is a folio for clients to see who I am as a photographer. I think Sally's experience in the industry and visual literacy generated a lot of trust, and I think the result will be unique for every photographer, because every photographer is unique. And I think that is what we want others to see ultimately!

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