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Interns—What are they good for?

– posted by Sally

Interns I LOVE THEM. I also guide them, teach them and give them responsibility.

Working with an intern is NOT an opportunity to have someone come into your business and have them doing all the awful work you or that your other staff don’t want to do.

I believe it is about bringing them into your business and showing them the ropes. Teaching them on the job and utilizing the knowledge they have learnt in their course and from their experiences. It’s about giving them a chance to see what the business sector they are interested in getting into, is all about.

They are in fact working, and in many cases, working long hours. Yes, they are training but they are also providing a service to your company. I understand that you don’t need to pay them a king's ransom, but there needs to be some kind of remuneration. At the end of the day, they have living and travel expenses to keep up with as well.

Monitor them, keep them up to speed with what is going on in the business, learn from them and nurture their talents. Some businesses may only be able to offer a day here or there, or even one day a week, which is great. After all it is all about learning and certainly, in my experience of working with interns over the years, the learning goes both ways. I have only ever had amazing experiences with my interns. They have been a huge asset to my small business.

For me, I look for personality and for those who have a hunger to learn. They must also love to talk on the phone, be naturally inquisitive and love dogs. Working with and guiding young creative is such an honour so if you are thinking of looking at working with an intern, I can highly recommend it.  And if you are a student looking at an internship, look carefully and choose wisely. There are a lot of great businesses out there that will be a good marriage for you.

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