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Andrew Richey behind the scenes at Melbourne Spring fashion festival 2011.

– posted by Kerry


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with Andrew Richey

– posted by Kerry

Andrew was recently selected to shoot the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Campaign images.

It’s a thrill to see the huge multi media exposure and his pictures flying high on flags, billboards, posters and all sorts of other applications across the city and further afield.

The location for the campaign was to have an architectural setting, based in Melbourne of course and focus on clean lines, strong shapes and shadows. After jumping from rooftop to alleyway, the concrete banks of the Yarra and the Crown Plaza Hotel (formally Work Trade Centre) turned out to be the perfect venue.

Andrew found a unique beauty in this building, once described as ‘an abomination’ and ‘an ugly lump of concrete’. It was built in the 80’s in a ‘Brutalist’ style and for his shoot it offered the most amazing platform for a strong campaign.

A picture perfect spring day was also required in the middle of a terrible weather period and with fate ordaining, the rain stopped, clouds parted and they were presented with the day they had asked for. Combine that with a wonderful creative team, gorgeous talent in Sophie Van Den Akker and fashion designer Yeojin Bae who constructed an exceptional custom dress for the shoot and you can’t go wrong.


We learn more about Photographer Andrew Richey.

– posted by Mel

Andrew Richey is a voyeur. 

Not in a creepy, ‘what the heck is that man doing’ sort of way.

More in a ‘fascinated by human nature’ kind of fashion.

Happily, there’s a difference.

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Andrew Richey’s latest work.

– posted by Kerry

A recent shoot of our Socceroo striker Josh Kennedy was shot for Puma by Andrew Richey at Ripe Studios for the World Cup in South Africa. 


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