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Andrew Wuttke

– posted by Mel

A fashion (and people) photographer, who can shoot anything up to 20 finely tuned fashion portraits a day, he is fast,
focused and fastidious.
His sense of style and understanding of technology - and how the two can intertwine to make compelling compositions,
is sought after by many well known fashion labels. Whilst his communications skills and willingness to engage clients
in the shooting process is much loved by advertising and design art directors.

Regardless of the challenge Andrew steps up to the plate. Whether that be devising a lighting strategy never tried
before or hand crafting the perfect backdrop, or texture for the occassion. It’s not unusual to see Andrew on his hands
and knees, paint brush in one hand and jigsaw in the other, working on getting a prop just right before a shoot. Or
scouring eBay for an obscure theatre light he thinks will add the right amount of magic to an image.

Andrew’s outlook is always positive, fresh, enthusiastic and collaborative.
And his style is as versitile as his skill set.

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