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How and where to start marketing yourself as a creative.

– posted by Sally

Ever wanted to know how and where to start marketing yourself as a creative? Visit Darren Lunny's latest blog post to hear from youth marketing expert, Andrew Mackinnon from Taboo on the dos and don'ts of marketing; how to optimise your social media presence; making the jump to full-time creative, and loads more.


Darren Lunny - The Newsman

– posted by Sally

Download a PDF of the full article.


Magazine shoots with Darren Lunny.

– posted by Kerry

Darren Lunny's been busy shooting and writing a few magazine articles lately; his work features in Men's Style and Women's Weekly this month. Darren's Men's Style piece is a feature on hedge fund manager and broadcaster Tom Elliott; the son of controversial businessman John. It was run in the Man On The Move section which Tom certainly is. He's got a real skill in being able to explain the most complex financial information in a way everyone can understand. And he's a lovely guy to boot.

The AWW piece is a sad but uplifting story of Peter Wojcik; a man who lost his wife to cancer three weeks after she gave birth to their daughter Mia only to find love again with his late partner's best friend. And they have just had a son, Hugo. Darren shot the images and wrote the first-person article from Peter's perspective. The shoot was very straight forward. Had it knocked over in a few hour with the help of a very good team of people.


Darren Lunny photographs Mal Walden, celebrating 50 years in journalism.

– posted by Kerry

Darren's been shooting some personal work including a few portraits of Ten Newsreader Mal Walden.

Mal has been a stalwart of the Australian media landscape and will this year celebrate 50 years in journalism.


Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

– posted by Kerry

There's that moment when Darren Lunny’s idea for a portrait has to be run past the subject.

Sometimes there's a lot of rolling of eyes and shaking of heads and other times it's smooth sailing; they agree on the idea and a date for the shoot.

Such was the case with Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

Darren ran his idea past the Lord Mayor and his Chief of Staff and got the green light straight away.

“I admit, it wasn't the most outrageous idea for him to wear an I Love Melbourne T-Shirt under his suit but he still has the reputation of office of Lord Mayor to protect”.

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