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Sally chats with Momento Pro

– posted by Sally

In 2017, do agencies respond more to printed or digital portfolios? OR What are the benefits of a printed folio in 2017?

Every day we are looking at iPhones, computers or iPad screens all the time, it gets too much.

To walk into a meeting and show a beautifully printed folio on great stock is second to none.

So many people forget that our industry is about communication. It’s about meeting people. It’s not just all about social media and online folios. A printed portfolio is a fantastic reason to get out and meet people, connect and wow them.

Your top tip for selecting images to included in your portfolio? personal projects? what if you're multi-genre?

I’ve been working with photographers and editing images for their folios for over 15 years now. Each photographer is unique and I treat each one individually.

What you must remember is that the only point of difference you have in most circumstances is you!. Your personality must shine through in your folio.

Potential clients want to see what makes you tick, what you can offer them and what you are able to bring to the table, so personal work is a must.

Campaigns and commercial jobs are based on other peoples ideas and they play an important role in convincing a client you can successfully do a job, but that’s where websites come in to it, show that work on there.

Take people on a journey with your printed folio and tell stories. COMMUNICATE and make it special.


Sally Brownbill

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