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AddOn part of HeadOn

– posted by Kerry


Ludlites ♥ Nature.

– posted by Kerry

A group photography exhibition dedicated to the wonders of nature, shot entirely on film using lo-fi cameras with gorgeously imperfect plastic lenses.

Photographers: Patrick Boland, Heleana Genaus, Tim Gibbs, Steven Godbee, Tim Hixson, Andrew Hoyne, Anika Luzemann, Anthony McGovern, Ali Nasseri, Ian Tatton.

Exhibition open Friday to Sunday only. Until Sunday 3rd June 2012. Opening hours: 9am - 4pm.

The Superintendent’s Residence, Paddington Gates, Centennial Park Sydney NSW 2021.

Part of the Head On Photo Fest 2012


Photographer Pablo Bartholomew.

– posted by Sally

I met Pablo in Sydney on the night of the reviewers dinner and together with Valery Klamm we were collected from our hotel.
A warm, friendly man, I instantly felt at home with him. We spent several hours of the following days at dinners, meetings and exhibitions.

For the past decade Pablo Bartholomew has been working with his father’s and his archives to produce a series of exhibitions and books of their work. Of these the earliest of Pablo Bartholomew’s work, OUTSIDE IN - 70s & 80s - A Tale of 3 Cities - a collection of 70 black-and-white photographs representing his personal documentary photography, these images remain as apropos today as they were then. There was an acute absence of documentation of changing urban India in these two decades, particularly Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta, the three cities referenced in the title. This body of photographs serves as a chronicle of the cities’ shifting nature, character and function. As testimony to the enduring value of his images, these records of urban life have immediacy, an ability to make the “past” contemporary to the viewer. Primarily, however, these photographs are witness to the flux in the social and cultural landscape at that point; through the uniquely personal filter of images of the artist’s self-portraits, friends, family and social milieu. In this exhibition, Pablo Bartholomew’s is the floating, nomadic world of his teens, of psychedelic lifestyles and of his presence within what he refers to as “the first free-thinking generation after Independence” – a world he had personal exposure to as the son of Richard Bartholomew, preeminent art critic, curator, poet and photographer. These prints are notes from his diary enacting personal dialogs, which inadvertently connect to a universal, cross-generational ethos. Outside-In was first shown at Les Rencontres D’Arles, a Festival of photography in France in 2007 after which, in 2008, it traveled to the National Museum, New Delhi and the National Gallery of Modern of Art, Mumbai, Bodhi Art, New York, and in 2008 to Bodhi Berlin, 2009 and the Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata, 2010, Fishbar, London 2011.


Photographer Valery Klamm.

– posted by Sally

Whilst at the HeadOn Festival I met Valery Klamm. He is an unassuming man with a gentle manner. His work encompasses a part of the world that I have not ventured to yet.
He and I spent a few dinners and exhibitions together amongst fellow photographers.
For me, being part of the HeadON festival was all about meeting photographers like Valery- It was an honour!



doc project from Novosibirsk / photo blog community capturing rural Russia

Valeriy Klamm, BOM’ coordinator:

In early 2000th I organized international team photo expeditions throughout Siberia / Northern Asia – Altay Mountains, Great Rivers. We tried to see and show – what’s going on in the depth of the country when happens nothing, apart of capitals and news...

Than in late 2009 I launched collaborative web-based project – Birthmark On the Map, blog that started as a Novosibirsk regional initiative devoted to local communities and now counts more than fourty contributors from the whole Russia – amateurs and prize-winning professianals with their imagery of “life out of big cities”, and even Australian Sam Harris is on board ☺

In the Russian language the word rodinka means both “a birthmark”, a small dark dot on the skin, and “a small Motherland”, that place on the map which ties living ones with a feeling of home.
In focuse of our project – “simple stories of simple heroes in simple circumstances”. Reality of province: villages, small towns. Everyday life in its beauty and majesty... May be there are a key words to describe essence of BOM project – understanding, sincerity, cordiality. Courage to live and smile. Seeing a joy in simplicity.

On the grass-root’ level (storytelling of provincial life) lays common things that make feel kindred. Journalism of “problems with no solutions”, bloody capturing – well, it was a mission, may be it still is - partially… But business also. Assignments, editors’ clichés, following expectations… And audience close to get deadly tired and reject it.
On the other hand – photography that’s scared to be closer to people and running away to the empty and cold landscapes...

People are looking for internal bearings/ piers. It might be called the hope.
BOM community is trying to dive into the depth and find such a special treasure.
We want to be as close to the folk soul as you are in, to see the endless or the eternal - away of dinamic big cities. To catch the essential in attempt to save and keep it existing…

And if you are at the sort of crossroad of people’ needs where melting TOP and BOTTOM, does’nt exist vanity, occurs deep understanding, warm smile and courage to live – there is a big chance that will be lots of people who’s ready to share what are you doing.
...You’ll find your life worthy and will never be alone...  ☺

BIRTHMARK ON THE MAP archive to browse:
(**captions&texts in Russian only so far**)
Contact: Valeriy Klamm, project coordinator, email:,
mobile in Australia 0498260387, mobile in Russia +79139102721, skype: klami4
THE SIBERIANS (photo book by Valeriy Klamm based on BOM)

read more …


ACMP Trampoline in Sydney with Sally.

– posted by Sally

Last Tuesday night as part of the HeadOn Festival I talked to a group of emerging photographers at a great venue the CATC design school in the Rocks.
I met Kristen Clarke who is the program manager for Photo Imaging.
A big thank you to her and Lisa Cross for arranging the night.
We had great discussions and question time and I charged them up about the industry and shared some beautiful folios that I had worked on.
It was a great night. I always love talking to a crowd of interesting shooters!


Mark Bassett, Louise Cooper and Gary Pullar - Themes and Variations- HeadOn Festival 2012

– posted by Kerry

Jennifer McNamara, Director Art Est. Gallery invites you, your family and friends to the opening of an exhibition as part of the
Head On Photo Festival 2012

Mark Bassett, Louise Cooper and Gary Pullar - Themes and Variations

Opening with the artists, 6-8pm, Thursday 10 May 2012

Exhibition dates: 3-15 May 2012

Art Est. brings together the work of three photo artists: Mark Bassett, Louise Cooper and Gary Pullar.
Each artist explores their subject matter in widely differing ways.
One focuses on settings in Parisian streets, one in barber's shops, and one domestic locales and common objects.
Each will speak to their audience in differing tones, reflecting the complexity
and variety of the human visual experience.


SALLY BROWNBILL how to build a fabulous folio CATC SYDNEY THIS TUESDAY 8th MAY

– posted by Kerry

ACMP Trampoline Sydney: Sally Brownbill
May. 08, 2012 Add to calendar
$10.00 ACMP members
$15.00 Non member
Tickets can no longer be purchased online for this event.


When: Tuesday 8th May form 6:30pm
Where: CATC Design School, 5/1 Hickson Road, The Rocks
Cost: $10 for ACMP members and $15 for non-members. This includes beer and pizza.


Sally will be talking about the photography industry and how to stand out in this competitive world as well as the importance of portfolios and websites and how to edit your images.

Sally Brownbill is a creative/marketing consultant based in Melbourne. In fact, at present she is the only creative/marketing consultant outside the wedding/portrait market, in Australia. An RMIT photography graduate, Brownbill had worked as an assistant, photographer and as a photographer's rep before starting her business as a creative consultant. She works with photographers all over the country and internationals arriving here as well.

Brownbill says."I still have the occasional lecturing gig with a variety of colleges, along with working on the B2B side for photographers - designing their folios and helping them with their marketing strategies.
Each photographer I work with needs are individual.
My advice now goes beyond only working with folios. These days I am editing websites and images for exhibitions as well."


Meyer Gallery - HeadOn 2012

– posted by Sally

Lots of great exhibitions taking place this month in Sydney as part of HeadOn 2012 Festival.

Have a look at what Meyer Gallery is presenting.


maunsell wickes- HeadOn Photo Festival 2012

– posted by Kerry

Opening drinks with the artists, Tuesday 1 May 6- 8 pm

Exhibition runs 1-20 May, 2012.

The exhibition will be opened be Simon Mordant AM Chairman Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Australian Commissioner for 2013 Venice Biennale.

at barry stern galleries.

19 Glenmore Road

Paddington nsw 2021


Head On Photo Festival 2012.

– posted by Sally

You are invited to join the opening celebrations!

Customs House
4 May, 7-9pm (8pm announcement of Portrait Prize winners)
31 Alfred Street
Circular Quay

I would like to formally invite you, our loyal supporter and your friends and family, to celebrate the:

Head On Photo Festival opening &
announcement of Portrait Prize winners

Join us at Customs House, 4 May, 7-9pm for a party unlike any other. At 8pm I will be announcing the Portrait Prize winners during a visual display of the finalists images.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Moshe Rosenzveig
Head On Photo Festival Director


Welcome to The Window Project.

– posted by Sally

What’s the idea behind The Window Project
So we now have The Window Project up and running. The idea is simple. We want to take as many portraits as possible in 3 weeks. These are democratized portraits – we have other work to do so we’ve put a camera behind the banner (see below if you’re thinking of nicking it) and set it to take a photo every 5 seconds. Whoever feels the urge to follow on or all of the instructions – STOP, POSE, SMILE will have their photo taken. We’ll periodically take the photos out of the bank where it’s located, throw them into our magical portrait processing machine and put the pictures of people up on our facebook page, creating a gallery of portraits. We hope we can then connect with those people and decide to do something with those portraits down the track – exhibition, book or the like….

How did it start?
When our bank said we could have some window space to promote our business we thought – gee that’s strange for a bank. So what did we do? Well initially we went great, lets put up a banner with ads for our awesome photography courses. Then we went nah, that’s lame, how about we use it for a cool photography project instead. That seemed much more fun!! Then the bank said you’ve got 5 days until you need to install. We said how what when @$%@!! A night of brainstorming, a photoshoot, some banner design, some quick turnaround printing and some creative install ideas and we now have The Window Project…..

Where can I see the photos ?
At this early stage, we’re collecting the photos every few days and then getting rid of the duds and uploading the ones that look something like portraits onto our facebook page – We hope these will then be shared and liked by the facebook community and world will spread like wildfire until there are people lining up to be photographed. Now that would be cool!

Where do I go to get my photo taken?
Just head to the corner of Swanston and Collins St in Melbourne. The project is setup in the window of the Westpac bank, just stand in front of the window with a big photo of a camera in it.

How many photos will you take?
We’re trying to take a photo every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day for a month. Our rough calculation (remember we’re photographers not mathematicians) is that we’ll take around 17,000 frames a day which is 100,000+ a week which is around half a million photos over a month!!! . Then we have to edit out all the junk (not a lot of love around here for that job!!!) and give the people back the portrait jewels

What if I want to nick the camera?

Well, firstly it’s inside the bank. If you want to take on the banks multilayered security system, that’s your choice. Secondly, the camera’s not really worth stealing. We need our high end gear for our regular jobs so the one in the window ain’t that grand. Thirdly, by stealing the camera, you’ll mess up the project and have the bad Karma of all those unmade portraits on your head…

What if I don’t want my photo taken?
If you don’t want your photo taken, then please don’t STOP, POSE and SMILE for us. If we do take your photo and you later decide you don’t want it shown, please let us know which photo (via the facebook page) or email us and let us know. We’ll take it down.

Who are you anyway?
We’re a team of photographers who work out of a studio in Port Melbourne called Blue Tree Studios. We work as professional photographers most of the time, working on anything from corporate portraits to high end advertising campaigns and documentary projects. We also run photography courses aimed at helping amateur photographers take better photos.

My photos are often terrible; tell me more about your photography courses
We currently run 2 courses suitable for a wide range of people under our Happier Snapper brand. Our 2 ½ hour introductory course has been running for about a year and we’ve had over 2,000 people through this course who have loved it. It’s aimed at anyone with any camera, is non-technical and fun.

We also run a photography walking tour from the city along the Yarra and into the Docklands. This is a 3-hour walking tour which gives people a hands-on photographic experience in a small class size with loads of personal attention. This one really gets peoples photography jumping along in leaps and bounds. For more information, check the events on our facebook page.

Does this have anything to do with Westpac bank?
Westpac has given us the window, other than that they have had absolutely no input into what we’re using it for. There is no link to the bank, it’s not a promotion for the bank and they get no benefit or use of the images out of it.

Joseph Feil


ACMP Trampoline. Show us your best.

– posted by Kerry

Trampoline Melbourne is having a good old fashioned slide night and catch up.
Email 2-5 of your favourite photographs that you would like to show off to with the subject Tramp Slide Night send files no bigger than 1920×1080pixels at 72dpi.
This will be a good way to get to know each other, learn about what everyone is up to and be inspired! Weather it be your uni project, personal project or commercial work, we want to see it!

This is also a good opportunity to get feedback on work before our Folio review night coming up in a few months time.
We'll be meeting at 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start time on

Tuesday 24th APRIL.
2/126 Bertie St
Port Melbourne

Entry is $5 for trampoline members with files to show, $50 entry without files to show*
$10 non trampoline members
This includes the usual beverages and snacks
Put it in your diaries now.
Pros forward this to your assistants.

As for the rest of you don't forget to invite your photography friends, colleges and fellow students/ assistants.

If you were forwarded this email and want to be on the mailing list, click on subscribe.

*not really but we will be very sad if you're too lazy/shy to send files to show, we want to see what you have so get on it!



Chris Polack Master Class

– posted by Kerry

Chris Polack is now one of the world’s most celebrated BMX photographers. The founder of seminal BMX magazine Rebelyell, Polack has been named one of the world’s top ten BMX photographers.

Polack’s hunger for life has taken him right around the world, and his grimy, stylized BMX photography has gained him commissions from clients like Nike, Red Bull, Carhartt and Vans. While this has brought its own perks, with all expenses paid 5-star hotel stays and chauffeurs, Polack fully embraces the flip side of that coin.  Though the law doesn’t always agree with Polack’s ideas about how to get the best shot, he’s not willing to compromise

His experience in BMX photography has honed fast reflexes and an intimate feel for action. Whether he’s shooting stocky guys on tiny bikes, fashion models, or any of the colourful characters around his studio, Polack brings a fresh eye to the world, capturing movement and pinning a small piece of life to the page.

More info.


ACMP Exclusive Backstage Pass to Fashion Photography.

– posted by Sally


Head On Photo Festival 2012.

– posted by Sally

Head On Photo Festival 2012.

Head On Photo Festival Returns 4 May - 3 June 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Among our very special guests at the festival in May will be Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey (curator of Burn Magazine) for the world premiere of his latest exhibition and to run an exclusive intensive 5 day workshop. Contact for details

Head On Photo Festival is Sydney’s major innovative showcase for Australian and international photography of all genres. It is the largest event of its kind in Australia and the second largest in the world.

Watch out for the full program coming soon. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newsletter

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