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Sarah Anderson’s New Folio

– posted by Sally

I first met Sarah many years ago when she was a student of mine in first year at RMIT. Right from the word go Sarah had IT. Determined and incredibly hard working, I just knew she was going to go somewhere with her photography. This folio is such an inspiring body of work. There are so many favourite spreads but here are three to view now.


Christian Mushenko

– posted by Kerry

I met Sally as part of some HeadOn seminars in Sydney, where she was talking about her ideas on laying out folios. I really liked her creativity and different (to me) take on this. She had a look at my folio and pointed out some pretty obvious things that could be improved. I booked a day with her and it was a great experience. You instantly know when you gel with someone, as their ideas and advice are all welcome because they get you. The whole day was a meeting of like minds, and I found it very inspiring! The resulting folio is not what I would have put out there, because I was creating folios of what I think my (potential) clients wanted to see. What I ended up with is a folio for clients to see who I am as a photographer. I think Sally's experience in the industry and visual literacy generated a lot of trust, and I think the result will be unique for every photographer, because every photographer is unique. And I think that is what we want others to see ultimately!


Mauro Risch

– posted by Sally

Mauro and I have been working together on his portfolio since he arrived in Australia from Brazil several years ago.

I love working with him, his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Each time we meet we have a really clear focus on the next area Mauro wants to approach with his photography. It may be Advertising Agencies or Direct Clients.

This folio is directed at the Hotel Industry and we had many hours together sorting through thousands of images and here are 3 of my favourite pages.


Lachlan Moore’s New Folio

– posted by Sally

Lachlan Moore WOW , Here is a guy that began life as a graphic designer, then turned into a photographer, shot out of a prominent student in Prahran for a few years and has now, with a business partner opened up probably one of Melbourne’s premier studios , Rokeby Studios. He is unstoppable. His work is high end, mature and always beautiful. I first met him many years ago when he started out as a freelance shooter and built his first portfolio. Since then we have had varying versions, and most recently, his latest works that include amazing award winning images and a list of impressive clients. Here are 3 of my favourite spreads.


Joseph Feil’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

Joseph’s work knocks me out, I just love the way he sees things. His sensibility coupled with his sense of humour makes for intriguing imagery. His folio bursts with colour and with strong story lines. Graphic stark black and white images that make you think and move you with strong emotions are all mixed in. Joseph is a lovely guy and I enjoy my time working with him. Here are 2 of my favourite spreads.


Graham Hosking’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

I have known Graham Hosking on and off for the past 20 years. He is a wonderful guy who worked as a freelance photographer for many years.

After some time in the commercial industry Graham took a full time job, employed by a company that provided him with an endless array of still life, fashion and food to shoot.

It is now that Graham and I have just worked together as he goes out again in to the freelance world. We have designed a folio that shows his breadth of experience and here are a few of my favourite spreads.


Mauro Palmieri

– posted by Sally

Toni Newman strikes again and sent me Mauro Palmieri.
Mauro is an incredibly artistic, passionate shooter and stems from a long line of artists. He has always separated his art and commercial work and was at a stage where he needed direction.
His artwork is sensual, raw and to me very fashion orientated. His commercial work is technically sound, and he was shooting for a good list of clients, but wasn’t offering that point of difference.
We discussed combining his commercial and artistic work, so his folio was overwhelmingly commercial, yet able to show his "other side”.
The outcome has been fantastic. His folio has a purpose and creativity that exhilarates. My three favourite spreads are


So what’s it like to work with Sally for the day? Brandon Rossen tell’s us.

– posted by Kerry

Today I was sitting around the table with Sally. 

I told her I loved her, I didn’t know I said it out loud. 

She looked at me, I said "I just love working with you, I'd write you the best testimonial."
She said "do it", and Sally doesn’t bullshit.  So here I sit trying to explain what was going through my mind when my mouth moved faster than my brain.
I love Sally, its true, she’s the best.  Everyone wants a friend that says you look great when you’ve just got a hair cut that would make most people buy a hat. 

The friend that says tastes good to me, when you just burned the hell out of some chicken. 

It’s a good friend to have but Sally’s not that friend.
Sally doesn’t bullshit, and that’s why I love her.

I came to Sally because I needed help, because I’ve had plenty of people tell me how great I am, but I’d never had anyone tell me where I was falling short, the things I was overlooking, the mistakes I didn’t even know I was making. 

Sally helped me understand where I was in my career, and where I wanted to go, I came to her with a book of random photos, and I left with a folio. I knew where I wanted to go in my career but I had no idea how to get there.  I left with renewed confidence in the styles that I excelled at, and a realistic understand of why I was failing at others, a folio I was proud to show, and a studio to run my business out of. 

On her blog sally says she can be your greatest asset, she is definitely mine.


Matthew Kovac’s new folio

– posted by Sally

Matthew is a traveller. Some people go on holiday, and some like Matthew blend into the country they are in.

Fortunately for us , he takes an eclectic selection of cameras with him and many many rolls of film. The result is imagery from far flung destinations and corners of the world we rarely get to glimse. His style is arid and not fussy. It is what it is. He tells stories with his images and the viewer gets a real sense of where he has been.

I loved working on Matthews folio and talking to him about his many skill sets that we are including in the book. Such as book binding. Are there no end to his creative talents??

Here are a coulpe of my favourite spreads, however, viewing the entire book and seeing his craftsmanship is well worth it.


Jules Tahan’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

Jules and I have been working with each other now for more than 3 years. He has an amazing business with Urban Angles and his 2 partners in real estate and property development photography.
I don’t work on that with Jules, my role is to advise and sort out his personal folio where he shoots people both in studio and on location.

People respond to Jules’ big and kind personality and this shines through in his portraits, be they migrant workers, children, animals, the aged or models.

He is extremely diverse in the way he shoots but the one constant is the final product.
Backed by a strong retouching arm, Jules’ treatment of images is what makes him stand out.

I love working with Jules, and I love his honesty.
Here are 3 favourite spreads from his latest folio.


Glenn Campbell’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

Glenn first contacted me in 2010. He is an incredibly busy Walkley award winning doco photographer shooting across the NT and Western Australia along with being posted on international shoots covering war torn countries.

We finally met up in February 2012 when he flew down from Darwin for the day to work with me.

Pulling together his extensive body of work was no mean feat, but we came up with a folio that he will be directing at the design and commercial arena, along with initiating direct business.

Here are 3 of my favourite spreads.


Kris Washusen’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

I have known Kris for many years, as a student an assistant and now as an emerging photographer.
He has an ease about him that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
Kris latest body of work show his strength in the ability to pull a shoot together, to communicate with his talent and a sense of quirkiness that makes his images unique.
I enjoy Kris friendly nature and I have no doubt he is a great photographer to work and I’m sure you would not only get the desired result, but you would have a fun time arriving there also.


Peter Casamento’s New Folio

– posted by Sally

Peter is one of Melbourne’s busiest photographers. It has taken him an entire year to get back to me so we can update his folio.
He is always working on a project or travelling to far flung parts of the world.
Peter’s folio is an eclectic mix of urban landscapes, people and places. He is a very easy going talented guy and a joy to work with.
Here are 3 of my favourite spreads from his folio.


Jules Dolmans new folio

– posted by Kerry

"It is very hard for me to briefly describe the experience of working with Sally as it has touched on and influenced all aspects of  my photography career and is by far the best thing I have done.

When I first met Sally she told me she wanted me fall in love with photography again and if this is all she had helped me achieve I would have been very very happy.

Sally has not only helped me get the absolute best out of my current work and create a beautiful new folio but my core client work has been streamlined and simplified to give me the time for more creative projects.

I have learned so much from Sally's approach and also from the wonderful and talented assistants she has booked to work with me.

All I can really say is thankyou Sally and for anyone wanting to gain a true and honest perspective of their work Sally is the only person to approach and I look forward to working on a new folio in 2012 and beyond..."


Andrew Babarczy’s new folio.

– posted by Kerry

Sal worked with Andrew Babarczy on his folio a couple of months ago. Here's a selection of her 3 favourite spreads along with a short piece on how Andrew found working with Sally.

"I have to say that the experience of working with you on my folio was one of the best things I've done career-wise in a long time. After spending the day with you I feel my folio now has a clarity and direction that it was lacking.  It's often impossible to look at your own work objectively, so to have a fresh perspective from somebody whose opinion I respect has been invigorating. I feel my folio has been given a breath of fresh air and it's also given me the kick to overhaul all other aspects of how I present myself including my website and identity."

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