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Kit Haselden’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Kit is an inspitration to all emerging photographers. He has worked his way up through the assistant ranks and formed strong mentors along the way.

Kit has a sensitivity to his work and also to his person that makes the viewer at ease.

Kit's folio depicts a strong link to people via portraiture , lifestyle and fashion and I have chosen these 3 pages from his folio to show this.


A few pages from Kerry Pryor’s folio

– posted by Sally

Prior to Kerry studying photography she gained a degree in textile design, and worked in that industry for over 5 years.

Photgraphy however called and now Kerry combines her love for textiles and her talent in photography.

She is a wonderful people person and a very "can do " gal. Nothing is too much trouble for Kerry and clients are drawn to her.

As an emerging photographer , her work is quite varied, but this folio we have worked on is eclectic and showcases her immence talent. Here are a couple of my favoutie spreads.


Brandon Rossen’s folio

– posted by Sally

When you meet Brandon, you instantly feel at ease.

He is an affable guy who has switched careers to become a photographer.

Brandon arrived in Australia in 2010 from the USA and met with me a year later. He is an emerging photographer, with an interest in shooting people and products , in a "real way" not much photoshop is used in his work.

Brandon has a good sense of composition and tends to frame in camera. He enjoys experimenting with lighting techniques as well, which provides a fresh approach to the viewer who is used to seeing images created in photoshop and alike.

Here are a few of my favourite images.


Have a look of a few of my favourite pages from Jim McFarlane’s folio.

– posted by Sally

What can't Jim shoot?

Jim is a well renowned Melbourne based food photographer, with decades of experience working in the studio.

Couple this with many years shooting for the Australian Ballet and in the past few years, working on many amazing not for profit projects in counties such as Africa and the Gaza Strip.

This work in turn has led Jim to shooting people here in Australia for government departments along with continuing with his food and people work.

He approaches all his work with a great passion and his folio reflects this.


Introducing Fred Kroh’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

Fred is a seasoned shooter with many a story to tell.

It was great woriking with him and looking at a decade of images to be inspired by.

Fred shoots people.

He has a great sense of intensity in his images that make you stop and look right into them.

Fred wrote to me after we worked together and said "I found the experience fun, exciting and educational" and I think that is terrific.

Here are a few of my favourite spreads from that day.


Here’s a copule of spreads from Abigail Burt’s new folio for you to check out.

– posted by Sally

Abigail and I met at the end of 2010 when I was on her final year folio assessment panel at RMIT.

She displayed an individual look to her work and was experimental which I found exciting.

Abigail was selected to win the Sally Brownbill award and together we have revamped her third year folio and added new shoots and come up with a total knock out book.

Abigail has a great sence of who she is as a photographer and a strong personality shows in her work.

it is common for a students final year folio to change fairly soon after they have graduated. Out in the world they are free of assignment deadlines and trying to fit criterias for certain lecturers.They can be themselvers, but must learn discipline too.

Abigail has plenty of that, focus,good attitude and loads of talent.

What a combo.

These are 3 of my fav pages we have in her folio now.


Sebastien Millier’s new folio all the way from France.

– posted by Sally

I recently blogged about working in Paris with Sebastien Millier. I have just received his final folio and it looks amazing. We need to tweak a few pages, but the guts of it is there.

Here are three of my favorite spreads and I am including an excerpt from a text I received from Sebastien a few days after working with him.

It makes me smile.

“I just finished to shoot in Roma for Havaianas. That was a bust day. I also have to digest all what you said about my work!

So I’m exhausted.

I was very happy to work with you.

To be honest I didn’t exactly know what to expect before we met I think you open my eyes on very simple things:

Thank you very much for your fresh air and your smart approach.

I think that was a few adjustments for my portfolio but a giant step for me!”


Ross Campbell shows us a few pages from his folio.

– posted by Sally

Ross Campbell is a great young guy.

He began his carreer on a high note and started working with agencies early on. We met up to refine his folio and to help him hone in on a clearer direction and to assess his already excellent work.

Ross was a past student of mine from RMIT and we had a great day looking at his work and producing a fantastic folio, that showcases the best of what Ross can do.
Here are three of my favourite spreads.


a few pages from Toby Scott’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Toby first flew down to meet me from Brisbane in August 2010 where we began working on a folio for him.

It was quite varied and Toby was really still trying to find his feet and establish a style with his photography.

Whilst he had many great images, there was nothing glueing them together and he was covering so many styles and subjects.

We had a great day, I answered alot of questions, then Toby jetted back to Brisbane .

We kept in constant contact and during this time Toby hooked up with an amazing Stylist/producer and began working on a new style and series of work.

This lead to the beginnings of some great commissioned work and then coming back down to Melbourne in April this year with nearly an entire body of new work.

I dont think I have ever worked with a photographer that has totally transformed themselves in such a short peiod of time.

He has found his feet, shooting with gusto and found a clean stlye that suits him to a tea.

I love these three new spreads. Well done Toby.


Have a look at a few of James Knowler’s new folio pages….

– posted by Sally

I love working with James Knowler.

He is a ball of energy, always has a great story and takes amazing pics on a variety of topics too.

I love that he shows his personal images of amazing bike tours he has been on alongside commissioned work from Mine sites . Many of these you have seen featured on the blog before.

James is also an excellent interiors shooter and here are three pages form a second folio we produced to target interior designers and architects. He has a great team to work with on these projects and has been published far and wide.

These are the pages I want to show off.


Billie Jean is not my lover’s folio.

– posted by Sally

These guys Jolyon James and Raphael Ruz, from BILLIEJEANISNOTMYLOVER , are two of the most talent guys I've met in ages.

Photography is just the beginning of their craft.

Styling, acting, producing, carpentry they do it all.

The challenge here was to give their folio that edgy creative tone, yet make it accessible to the viewer.

Showing a variety of amazingly choreographed images and have them sit beside, beautiful simple imagery was great fun.

These are a few of my favourite pages. But let me tell you, this is just the beginning for these two. I can't wait to see where they head and where their energy and work takes them.


Nigel Clements shows us a few pages from his folio.

– posted by Sally

Nigel Clements photography shows an innate instinct in observation.

He is both a humble and quiet man that is able to extract fabulous shots from any scenaro.

It was a pleasure working with Nigel and helping him rediscover his creativity.

I have seleced 3 pages that show the above mentioned qualirties in his work. He has won many awards and I look forward to viewing future images with Nigel.


Jack Sarafian’s folio.

– posted by Sally

Jack is one of lifes gentelman.

An established photographer of some 20 years, Jacks work encompasses food, lifestyle and travel.

He works with a can do attitude and loves the creation of the images as much as the end piece.

Moving and renovating his new studio in South Yarra has been a big change in the last year and these images from Jacks folio show a sence of a photographer who knows himself as well as what is in front of his camera.

These are some of my favourite pages.


Mary Cooke’s folio.

– posted by Sally

When I was working as a photograher Mary Cooke was an icon.

Together with her partner Tom, they ran a hugely succesful studio in South Melbourne called Tom and Mary.During this successful stills carrer, Mary became Australias first female TVC director and then forged her magic in this arena for the next couple of decades.

I was delighted to work with Mary on her new stills folio at the end of 2010 and to assist her in getting back into the stills area.

In betweeen her hectic TVC schedule(5 shoots in 1 week) we were able to put together a combinaltion of recent stills, exhibition work and iconinc images from her repetoir.

Mary is great fun, charismatic and bursting with ideas and energy.

I have posted a few of my favourite spreads.


Greg Elms folio selections.

– posted by Sally

Greg has been shooting for over 20 years. His work during this time has been as varied as his clients.

A lonely planet photographer for a large part of this time saw Greg travelling to exotic parts all over the world.

Working through these images was no mean feat. He also, whilst in Melbourne took on still life projects and food shoots along with environmental portraiture. 

When we met up 3 years ago, my challenge was to combine all of Greg’s talents. And we did- I brought, what was an eclectic group of shots into one fabulous story.

Over the years we have updated his folio, designed and selected images for a new website and introduced Greg to a new group of clients. Now we have two folios for Greg. One is food orientated and the other is people focused.

It is an ever-changing process working on a folio. You need to be inspired and current with the work in it and try new ways of showing the work as well. I have posted a few pages of Greg’s folio. 

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