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Head On Photo Festival 2016

– posted by Sally

Head On is calling for photographers/photo-artists/curators/exhibition spaces/galleries to submit work for inclusion in Head On Photo Festival 2016, Australia’s leading photography festival and highlight on the global arts calendar.

More details here:


Head On 2015 Folio Reviewers

– posted by Sally

Head On Photographic festival commences in Sydney on Friday 1st May.

I will be up there for a week of the month long programme.

On the Monday 4th May there are are a group of creative professionals, including myself, giving portfolio reviews. Click here to see array of reviewers and book in.

It's a hugely worthwhile excise to have some of the countries best photographers and intermediaries looking at and critiquing your work.



AddOn 2015 - Call for Submissions

– posted by Sally

Head On Photo Festival is pleased to advise AddOn, a non-competitive, anonymous, photographic exhibition with an open brief, is back for another year.

In 2011 AddOn featured 90+ photographers...
In 2012 AddOn featured 110+ photographers...
In 2013 AddOn featured 125+ photographers...
In 2014 AddOn featured 153 photographs...

I invite you to help make 2015 the best AddOn ever.

Photos can be of any subject taken with any camera including mobile phones, holgas, etc.
Images must be square and submitted online. This exhibition is by invitation only.

Your picture will be printed and exhibited at the Depot Gallery in Dank Street, Waterloo
between 29 April to 9 May 2015.

The official opening will be on Saturday 2nd May.

At the end of the exhibition another photographer’s photo will be returned to you.
(A kind-of lucky dip for adults.)

The submission fee includes all printing, hanging and exhibition costs, and your return surprise photograph. All funds raised go wholly to the Head On Photo Festival, a not-for-profit organisation.

Images must be in by 11pm, Sunday April 12

To enter...
1. Go to
2. Click the AddOn link at the top of the page.
3. Upload your image and save.
3. Go to the Shopping Cart (also at the top of the page) a make your payment.

Please email me at if you'd like any other information.

Charles McKean BSc  MPhotog I  APP.L  AAPS
AddOn Curator


The Head On Awards are now open for entries

– posted by Sally

In addition to the Portrait, Landscape, Mobile and Moving Image categories, there is a new Student category: Open only to primary and secondary Australian school children, the Student Prize has an open theme. All other categories are now open to international entrants.

With over $50 000 in prizes across 5 categories, submit now to take part in Australia’s leading photography festival.

Click here to enter, and be a part of Head On 15


Photobook Melbourne 12-22 Feb 2015

– posted by Sally

A contemporary photobook festival is the product of observation, conversation and collaboration.

With a deep passion for photography, typography and the printed book, Heidi Romano (Unless you will) and her team have curated a festival to engage, challenge and educate a photographic audience. A festival to exchange views on experimentation, curation and collaboration. Research through process and practice.

Photobook Melbourne is an artist-run, not for profit organization dedicated to creating a platform for experimental and innovative artistic photography and book making practices. A platform for local and international artists, bookmakers and book lovers to discuss, examine and appreciate marvellous imagery and outstanding storytelling.

Photobook Melbourne will bring together expertise and insight directly from the world’s greatest photographers, graphic designers, curators, publishers & printers. Their aim is to share knowledge with professional photographers, passionate amateurs and the inquisitive book lover. Initiating conversations about the nature of self publishing, form and function, practice and process.

Over the course of 10 days (12-22 Feb 2015), Photobook Melbourne's program includes talks, exhibitions (prints and photobooks), workshops, studio visits and of course loads of events on photobooks including Photobook Melbourne Fair, Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards exhibition and a workshop with Ron Jude; ‘A Handful of Sand: Wrestling with Narrative Structure in the Photobook’.

Photobook Melbourne's Grand Opening
12th of February from 6pm at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)
Exhibiting artists on the opening night: Robert Zhau, Wouter van der Voorde and announcement of Photobook Winner.

Also look out for:
Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Opening and Photo Prize announcement
13th of February 6-8pm - At The Baron Said.

Photobook Melbourne Fair
14th & 15th of February at CCP

Check out the full program for Photobook Melbourne here.

Image credits: Volume V of SPBH Book Club - Esther Teichmann, Jackson Eaton - Better Half, Ron Jude, Olivia Mroz, Angel Luis Gonzalez of Photo Ireland, Yaakov Israel - The Quest for the Man on The White Donkey


Q&A with New York based photojournalist Ben Lowy

– posted by Sally

For the last 2 years, I have been lucky enough to meet and work alongside Ben Lowy at the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney. Boy, I though I had a lot of energy!

Ben began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003. He has received numerous awards from World Press Photo, POYi, PDN, Communication Arts and American Photography. His work from Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan and Libya have been collected into several gallery and museum shows including the Tate Modern, SF MOMA and the Houston Center for Photography.

In 2011 Lowy's Iraq | Perspectives work was selected by William Eggleston to win the Duke University First Book Prize in Photography. In 2012, Lowy was awarded the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund to continue his work in Libya, as well as the ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism.

Give us a current description of what you do Ben.
I am a globe trotting photojournalist. Or used to be before the editorial industry tanked. Now I have my fingers in every pot - documentary, commercial, social media, teaching and starving artistry.

What inspired you to become a professional photographer?
I came across Jim Nachtwey's book Inferno while studying illustration in University. It changed my entire perspective about art and representation and educating people.

How did you get your first break?
Another photographer was denied a visa to Kuwait for the build up to the Iraq war in 2003. I walked into this photo agency's office at just the right moment and raised my hand.

What paths have you taken to get to where you are today?
Sacrifice, hard work and frankly tunnel vision with a single goal in mind.

What advice about the do's and don'ts would you give to an aspiring photojournalist/ photographer?
Don’t show work or shoot something that you think the community or editors want to see. Shoot something, show something that you want them to see. And inherit a lot of money. Because that will always help pay the rent better than photography.

Tell us about what you're currently working on and what sets you and your work apart from other photographers?
I am constantly innovating. That is where I see media and technology going. The only way to stay afloat is to constantly change my tools, my aesthetic and my presentation. I am constantly letting each project I work on guide me into a new way to visually articulate. That creativity is an important feature that can help anyone stay relevant in today's world.

Ben Lowy

Head On Photo Festival


The Genesis Project. Head On Photo Festival

– posted by Sally

19 prominent photographers have delved into their archives to find the image that first made them think, “that’s it!” Each photographer will exhibit their seminal image together with an image for which they are renowned.

The exhibition aims to explore at what point photographers become photographers. What were the catalysts that transformed a child, teen or young adult into a pro photographer? What was the moment when through creating an image the child, teen or young adult realised "this is what I want to do - to make photographs, become a photographer and…to capture life’s moments”?

"In every artist's genesis there is a point - an image - that we can look back on with the realisation that the photograph taken was a defining moment of internal creative clarity. My first image that lay at the gateway of this perception was discovered on a journey through the ancient desert of South West America - in the windswept stones of Utah. A storm had laid a few tumbleweeds to rest in a hole in a ravine - a sacred place-  a burial site for Native American elders. When I took that image some thirty years ago - I knew I had creatively passed through a door of perception. I knew then the path I needed to follow internally and creatively as an artist. Photography has become for me a passport to understand the world around me. I am drawn to the edges - where light and dark, black and white, good and bad meet. They say every photograph taken eventually becomes a self portrait - regardless of where the camera is pointed. The most recent image of a traditional Cultural Mask Dance ritual in West Africa is a continued genesis of that early image. The journey continues ever deeper -  more refined as an image maker - into personal discovery, clarity of vision - and personal passion." Chris Rainier

The Genesis Project.

Exhibiting photographer(s):
Ben Lowy, Roger Ballen, Murray Fredericks, Chris Rainier, Brian Cassey, David Dare Parker, Fiona Wolf, Jackie Ranken, Katrin Koenning, Martine Perret, Sam Harris, Glenn Campbell, Jon Lewis, Peter Eastway, Craig Golding, John Donegan, Peter Solness, Phil Hillyard, Moshe Rosenzveig.

Click here to read the stories behind the seminal images of 2 of the exhibiting photographers, Chris Rainier and Murray Fredericks.

Official Opening:
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Dates of Exhibition:
Tue, 20/05/2014 to Sun, 8/06/2014
Artist Talk:
Wednesday, 9 April 2014 - 11:45am
Gallery opening hours:
Tues – Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun-Mon 11am to 4pm
M Contemporary
37 Ocean Street
2025 Woollahra,

Head On Photo Festival


who lives here

– posted by Sally

Kerry Pryor is proud to announce her participation in Head On Photo Festival, the largest photography festival in Australia, as an associated show. Returning to Sydney in 2014, the festival boasts a comprehensive program to be presented between 12th May and 8th June, showcasing a diverse range of photographers.

Kerry Pryor introduces us to the lives and homes of a group of orphaned children living in Ethiopia. Through the support of foundation, Beyond the Orphanage the children are sponsored to attend school and live with extended family members and guardians.
Repeat visits has seen Kerry develop relationships with families who have welcomed her with open arms and open hearts.

Kerry is a freelance photographer who travels wherever her work takes her.
In 2011 she was introduced to Beyond the Orphanage Foundation as she headed off on assignment to Ethiopia. Impressed by their work there she has continued working closely with them, visiting annually ever since.

“Shooting for Beyond the Orphanage has changed me. It's such a touching project. Packing my bags and heading to Ethiopia to visit the children every year is such a fantastic part of what I get to do as a photographer.”

Exhibition details:
Leichhardt Library, 23 Norton street, Leichhardt, 2014 Sydney, NSW.
12/05/14 – 29/06/14
Mon – Fri 9:30am – 8:00 pm, Sat and Sun 10am – 4:00pm

For [photographer/exhibition] media enquiries, please contact:
Name: Kerry Pryor
Ph: 0419 72 72 72

For Head On Photo Festival media enquiries, please contact 6dc:
Natalie Trethowen, Julie Seat and Amanda Fry
Ph: 02 9280 1600 or 0418 262 282
E: or or


24 hours with Ben Lowy at Head On

– posted by Sally

Benjamin Lowy is an award-winning photojournalist and a guru of mobile photography. His mobile phone work has resulted in the first ever mobile phone Time-Magazine cover.

Head On Photo Festival is offering you the chance to traverse the icons and underbelly of Sydney, receiving once in a lifetime mentoring and feedback from Ben whilst shooting alongside him.

Offering six 3-hour sessions from 9am, Saturday, 17 May, with each mystery location revealed on the day of the session.

The daytime sessions (9am to noon, 1pm to 4pm & 5am to 8am on Sunday) will focus on mobile photography.

The night time sessions (5pm to 8pm, 9pm to midnight and 1am to 4am on Sunday) will focus on the dark underbelly of Sydney using cameras (not mobile phones).

Not satisfied with just 3 hours? Grab a position in as many sessions as you want, but get in quickly as there are only 10 positions available per session. Want the ultimate get together with friends? Then book out an entire session – first come, first served.

24 hours with Ben Lowy
9am Saturday 17 May to 8am Sunday 18 May

Book day session here

Book night session here



20% off printing by Pixel Perfect for all photographers exhibiting as part of Head On 2014

– posted by Sally

In May 2014, the Head On Photo Festival enters its fifth year of showcasing some of Australia’s most interesting and innovative photo media. The festival continues to celebrate all genres of photography, from photo journalism and reportage to fine art and commercial work.

Alongside the exhibitions that cover Sydney’s galleries, artist run spaces and institutions, the Head On Portrait Prize continues to draw entries from emerging through to established photographers keen to exhibit in one of the country’s most prestigious portrait prizes.

Pixel Perfect Prolab in Sydney produces photo printing in both large and small formats. You can be confident that Pixel Perfect use the highest quality products and only the best processes for photo printing.

Large format photo printing –

Digital photo prints are printed with a high-speed 50-inch wide LAMBDA printer and printed on a wide range of long-life, photographic media from Kodak andFuji.
    - Kodak or Fuji – Lustre, Matte and Gloss.
    - Fuji – FujiFlex (Ultra Gloss), Fuji Pearl (Metallic) and Backlit.

Lambda 400dpi  - Their photo printing standard is always at 400 dpi on the Lambda printer, and printed at no extra cost. You get high quality and savings at the same time, an advantage you may not get with less exacting printers.

To find out more about the Pixel Perfect and Head On photo printing deal at Pixel Perfect or other services they provide, click the links below.

Pixel Perfect

Head On Photo Festival

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