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James Knowler’s mining video.

– posted by Kerry

Have a look at some of the work James has been doing with video on mining sites.

Nice work James.


James Knowler has a blog too…..

– posted by Kerry

Have a look.


Caught in the act…...

– posted by Kerry

James Knowler was photographing a house for H&G when Timmy the dog got involved.



James Knowler’s moving images….

– posted by Kerry

While working in a mine shooting stills James Knowler thought he would switch his camera over to movie mode......

Nice one James!


James Knowler iPhone shots.

– posted by Kerry

James Knowler says he has always loved doing street photography but can't always have his big camera with him.

"With all the travel I have been doing lately I end up in some great places and always have my iPhone." "The camera isn't the best through my industrial looking cover but the old style, rough effect is what I like about it."

"With the Best Camera app I can play with the images right on my phone, don't need to download it to my computer and then upload." "It's quick, easy and gives some great effects."

"The police don't really believe that you are playing with photos, and not talking on your phone while in the car."


Have a look at a few of James Knowler’s new folio pages….

– posted by Sally

I love working with James Knowler.

He is a ball of energy, always has a great story and takes amazing pics on a variety of topics too.

I love that he shows his personal images of amazing bike tours he has been on alongside commissioned work from Mine sites . Many of these you have seen featured on the blog before.

James is also an excellent interiors shooter and here are three pages form a second folio we produced to target interior designers and architects. He has a great team to work with on these projects and has been published far and wide.

These are the pages I want to show off.

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