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Children of Gaza Charity Exhibition -  Orient Gallery, Jordan.

– posted by Sally

In 2010 three international photographers Giuseppe Aquili, Anthony Dawton and Jim McFarlane with the support of Save The Children entered Gaza.
For nearly 2 weeks they photographed children and their families, victims of the Israeli incursion on 27th Dec 2008. These images tell of what happened to the Palestinian population and the damage inflicted upon them physically and psychologically, but they also tell of a people particularly the children to be bright, intelligent and full of hope.

The exhibition hopes to define the process in which art can bring understanding to seemingly intractable political conflict as well as highlight the terrible consequences, long and short term of such conflicts.
The exhibition also includes work created by the esteemed artist Dia Azzawi who used the images to inspire his work.

Over $100,000 has been raised through print sales and has been used to rebuild schools and establish mobile libraries in Gaza.

The exhibition has previously been shown in Doha Qatar, Kuwait City Kuwait and will show in Amman Jordan in September and go on to Dubai later this year.


Press articles for The Children of Gaza 2011 exhibition.

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More press for the Children of Gaza exhibition.

– posted by Kerry


Jim McFarlane’s new exhibition update.

– posted by Kerry

The Children of Gaza 2011 exhibition opened on 9th November in Doha and more than 100 people came to the opening that was attended by the Palestinian Ambassador to Qatar.

Jim McFarlane was in Doha for the opening and said they got some really good press.
"We've had some very strong interest in the images and we're hoping that they will be converted to sales. All of the money goes to fund Save the Children projects in Gaza."

The exhibition has veen sponsored by The Virginia Commonwealth University.


Jim McFarlane opens his new exhibition today in Doha.

– posted by Kerry

Children of Gaza Exhibition  2011
9th November to 3rd December, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts in Qatar, Qatar University, Doha

In 2010 three international photographers, Giuseppe Aquili, Jim McFarlane and Anthony Dawton, with the support of Save the Children, entered Gaza. For nearly two weeks the award-winning photographers photographed children and their families, victims of the Israeli incursion on December 27th 2008. The images are extraordinary; they tell of what happened and the damage done, both physically and psychologically, but they also tell also of a people, and in particular the children, who are bright, intelligent and full of hope.

The exhibition is as dramatic in its presentation as the images themselves, comprising of 21 black and white photographic artworks, each measuring approx. 1.5 x 1.00 metres. Included in the exhibition are original pieces inspired by the photographic images, from the renowned artist Dia Azzawi. His images provide a vivid and colourful contrast to the imposing monochrome of the photographs taken by Aquili, Dawton and McFarlane.

The exhibition hopes to define the process in which art can bring understanding to seemingly intractable political conflict as well as to highlight the terrible long and short-term consequences of these conflicts. Proceeds from the exhibition will go to Save the Children projects in Gaza, particularly to its outstanding work with children traumatised by conflict. The photographers, Dia Azzawi and Save the Children will be in Qatar to answer questions both about the works of art and Save the Children’s projects in Gaza. Hi resolution images of all the photographs in the exhibition are available for members of the press.

A website of the exhibition can be seen at:


Have a look of a few of my favourite pages from Jim McFarlane’s folio.

– posted by Sally

What can't Jim shoot?

Jim is a well renowned Melbourne based food photographer, with decades of experience working in the studio.

Couple this with many years shooting for the Australian Ballet and in the past few years, working on many amazing not for profit projects in counties such as Africa and the Gaza Strip.

This work in turn has led Jim to shooting people here in Australia for government departments along with continuing with his food and people work.

He approaches all his work with a great passion and his folio reflects this.


Jim McFarlane update.

– posted by Kerry

Jim's work shot last year in Gaza has been picked up by several international galleries, who will be showing the work over the next 12 months.

Dates have been set for Sultan Gallery, Kuwait 8th-17th March, Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain 1st-10th May, Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi 25th May-3rd Jun and Bait Muzna Gallery Muscat, Oman 4th-14th October.

Jim has just let us know there has been an update with the Gaza exhibitions.

The planned exhibition in Bahrain which was booked from the 1st-10th May has unfortunately been cancelled due to the political unrest there
and the severity in which the government has come down on the protesters. It's a real disappointment for Jim as he was planning to exhibit in the Bahrain National Museum.

As an organisation that holds social and political justice central to Jim's values, he cannot be seen as being sympathetic with the actions of the government.
We hope that the unrest will end very soon allowing Jim the opportunity to resume the planned exhibition.

In the mean time the exhibition at the Sultan Gallery in Kuwait City went very well resulting in sales of 3 out of the 4 paintings submitted by Dia Azzawi (a fellow artist in the group), with an average selling price 5000.00 pounds,  and one of Jim's prints selling for 2500.00 pounds all of which will be going to Save the Children.

There are still exhibitions at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery in Abu Dhabi from 25th May-3rd Jun and The Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat, Oman from 4th-14th October.
At the moment discussions are taking place with galleries in Beirut, Barcelona and Berlin.

In the current climate, where regimes are collapsing throughout the Middle East leaving dislocated people in its wake, this work is becoming even more topical.

We have posted a few images from his show.


Mel Kerr interviews Jim McFarlane about his time in Gaza for Desktop Magazine.

– posted by Kerry

Earlier this year Mel Kerr interviewed Jim McFarlane about his latest trip to Gaza.

"...Gaza is a place that is virtually impossible to get into for a photojournalist- let alone get out of with cameras, shots, stories and themselves intact."

To Download the full article click here.


Jim talks about the famine in Niger

– posted by Kerry

The news has not quite hit here yet but Niger is starting to feel the effects of a major famine that's impacting on the population. 1 in 8 children are already suffering from severe malnutrition.

read more …

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