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Jules Tahan - Good Weekend Cover

– posted by Sally

This beautiful shot of Black Caviar was taken last year. The Good Weekend magazine photography editor contacted me recently to see if they were able to speak to Jules Tahan the photographer and use this image on the front cover. The deal was done and here it is, isn’t it beautiful, as seen on the cover Saturday the 22nd of September 2012.


Big Boys Club Shoot with Jules Tahan.

– posted by Kerry

Jules has been mixing it up again with one of his latest shoots for Big Boys Club. The brief was to come up with some stylised hero images for use across all their advertising and promotional material.

"We decided to make it busy, loud and way over the top but a little bit quirky! I also wanted to do something a bit more illustrative than usual"

Both images were recently recognised at the Creative Asia awards in Hong Kong. One silver and one bronze.

Well done Jules and all the team!


Jules Tahan’s new folio.

– posted by Sally

Jules and I have been working with each other now for more than 3 years. He has an amazing business with Urban Angles and his 2 partners in real estate and property development photography.
I don’t work on that with Jules, my role is to advise and sort out his personal folio where he shoots people both in studio and on location.

People respond to Jules’ big and kind personality and this shines through in his portraits, be they migrant workers, children, animals, the aged or models.

He is extremely diverse in the way he shoots but the one constant is the final product.
Backed by a strong retouching arm, Jules’ treatment of images is what makes him stand out.

I love working with Jules, and I love his honesty.
Here are 3 favourite spreads from his latest folio.


Jules Tahan photographs Black Caviar and they both live to tell the tale.

– posted by Mel

“A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And no one (is scared of photographing a horse) of course
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Black Caviar.”

OK I changed the lyrics but you get the picture.
And getting the picture is exactly what award winning photographer Jules Tahan was tasked with, when he was given the assignment to photograph the similarly award winning Black Caviar.

Easy yes? I mean it’s a horse, of course. The strapper brings it in. Jules fires off a few shots and off it goes to run, or roll or rear or whatever it is horses do.

But this, of course, as the song has told us ‘aint any ordinary horse. This is the horse many experts have suggested will one day be as entrenched in our folk lore as Phar Lap. He was the ‘Big Red’ - she is the ‘Big Black’ and this job could be a big break or a big nightmare depending on how big, big black’s reaction was to Jules’ presence...and his lights, his stands, his assistant, his camera, his props and his movements.

“All I could think” says Jules when I catch up with him to discuss the assignment, “is what would happen if she got a fright from the flash and bolted or worse injured herself in her desire to back away.”

Melbourne Photographer kills Black Caviar in attempt to get killer shot. Hmm, not really a headline on any photographer’s bucket list.

So how did Jules approach the shoot?

“Well I always do a heap of research before hand. I’m not really in to racing but of course I knew who Black Caviar was. I read up on horse photography and checked out some classic images that had been taken in the past. Then I formulated a rough plan in my mind.”

And the plan?

“Didn’t work” he laughs. “When I got in to the stable it looked a little different from what I had expected. Besides which Black Caviar herself had ideas about where she would stand and it wasn’t exactly in keeping with where I thought she would stand.”

A multi million dollar diva versus a photographer. Who won?

“Who do you think?” he smiles.

It’s true this horse really does never lose.


2011 AIPP APPA’s

– posted by Sally

This years APPA's were held in Sydney. Judging was done over the weekend and

congratulations must go to Jules Tahan for his GOLD (always believe in your soul) award winning image of a sculptor and his works.

My Kerry entered one of her images from her travels in New York( when she abandoned me earlier this year) and won a Silver with distinction.

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give em both a job I say


Quill Award “Highly Commended” Jules Tahan.

– posted by Sally


Recently Jules attended the prestigious Quill Awards held at Crown in Melbourne.

Although, Jules's work does is not traditionally stem from a photojournalistic background but he has been working with the highly regarded weekly mag, The Weekly Review shooting covers and features over the past 12 months.

He is known for putting a conceptual spin on his images and this one was no exception. Jules was asked to shoot a features photo of Stephen Linnell, ex Chief of Media for Vic Police. The story was about Stephen taking a new road and leaving the past behind.

Jules explains the difficulty with the original location that was presented so went about in search for an alternative.

After a few laps around the block he found the perfect setting directly under a flight path near Tullamarine Airport.


About Jules Tahan

– posted by Sally

I have been working with Jules Tahan on his folios for the past 18 months.

Like many photographers, Jules has a real diversity to his work and being able to incorporate that in to a folio was a great challenge.

Diversity is important, especially here in Melbourne, but there is a fine line between showing your self as a jack of all trades, master of none and a good all rounder.

That is my job, to make sense of all the work and give it a theme or cohesive style.

Jules has a successful business with 2 other photographers which focuses on lifestyle and property, but he really wanted to get out there and show his creativity and more personal style of work.

We were able to achieve this, with a fantastic result that enables Jules to show his great strength, that being working with people both talent and everyday people. There is a particular type of personality needed to make one feel comfortable in front of a lens, Jules has this in abundance.

Jules won a job in 09, working for a local council with the folio we put together. It is one of many of my favourite shoots he has worked on in recent times. It was to capture the cultural diversity in the community through portraits, of people from Afghan women through to kids on the soccer field.

Here is a selection of those images. Look at more of Jules work at

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