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Andrew Wuttke

– posted by Mel

A fashion (and people) photographer, who can shoot anything up to 20 finely tuned fashion portraits a day, he is fast,
focused and fastidious.
His sense of style and understanding of technology - and how the two can intertwine to make compelling compositions,
is sought after by many well known fashion labels. Whilst his communications skills and willingness to engage clients
in the shooting process is much loved by advertising and design art directors.

Regardless of the challenge Andrew steps up to the plate. Whether that be devising a lighting strategy never tried
before or hand crafting the perfect backdrop, or texture for the occassion. It’s not unusual to see Andrew on his hands
and knees, paint brush in one hand and jigsaw in the other, working on getting a prop just right before a shoot. Or
scouring eBay for an obscure theatre light he thinks will add the right amount of magic to an image.

Andrew’s outlook is always positive, fresh, enthusiastic and collaborative.
And his style is as versitile as his skill set.


Press articles for The Children of Gaza 2011 exhibition.

– posted by Sally


RMIT Sanpellegrino Cafe Society Competition.

– posted by Sally

Sanpellegrino and the Cafe Society has evolved over the past 10 years and has become an integral part of our lifestyle. 36 students from RMIT where paired with 36 cafes around Melbourne to participate in the Sanpellegrino - Cafe society competion. Students had an open brief - 'your interpretation of Cafe society'

Students had to incorporate one of the follow products S. Pellegrino 500ml. Acqua 500ml, Mandarino, Aranciata Rossa, Aranciata, Pomelmo, Chinotto, Limonata.

The final images wrere judged under the following categories - Interpretation of the brief, Concept, Creativity and execution.

Winners received 1st Prize $1,500 cash, 2nd. Prize $500 cash, 3rd Prize 250 cash and Creativity Award $250.

The overall winner is Irena Matic - 'The League of Honest Coffee'

Tarin Grey - 'The Pound'
Holly Hawkins - 'Three Bags Full'
Daniela Vasconcelo - 'St Edmonds'

Finalist - winners and exhibitions was held at the Docklands.


Craig Newell shoots for Australian Pacific Airports Corporation.

– posted by Kerry

Craig Newell sent us some Annual Report images he photographed for Australian Pacific Airports Corporation.
The brief was to produce shots that reflect the style of Lomography; vibrant experimental colours, high contrast, deep saturation's and vignettes that frame the shot.

He said his "approach was quite simple, whilst looking for simplicity and negative space it was a case of letting the immediate environment dictate itself to me and surrender to it's diversity. Then with a few interesting post production techniques, l succeeded in achieving the result l was looking for."


Toby Scott shoots for Real Living Magazine.

– posted by Sally

In September we showed you some work Toby Scott had been doing with Est. magazine.

The geat work continues!

Here's some more shots Toby has recently done for Real Living Magazine.


John Tsiavis

– posted by Kerry

John Tsiavis worked as the creative consultant on Philip Treacy's (the milliner)
fashion show, that took place on the eve of Derby Day in a lane way in the city.

Philip's showing many of the hats he's designed for people like Grace
Jones, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Queen, amongst others.


Jules Tahan photographs Black Caviar and they both live to tell the tale.

– posted by Mel

“A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And no one (is scared of photographing a horse) of course
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Black Caviar.”

OK I changed the lyrics but you get the picture.
And getting the picture is exactly what award winning photographer Jules Tahan was tasked with, when he was given the assignment to photograph the similarly award winning Black Caviar.

Easy yes? I mean it’s a horse, of course. The strapper brings it in. Jules fires off a few shots and off it goes to run, or roll or rear or whatever it is horses do.

But this, of course, as the song has told us ‘aint any ordinary horse. This is the horse many experts have suggested will one day be as entrenched in our folk lore as Phar Lap. He was the ‘Big Red’ - she is the ‘Big Black’ and this job could be a big break or a big nightmare depending on how big, big black’s reaction was to Jules’ presence...and his lights, his stands, his assistant, his camera, his props and his movements.

“All I could think” says Jules when I catch up with him to discuss the assignment, “is what would happen if she got a fright from the flash and bolted or worse injured herself in her desire to back away.”

Melbourne Photographer kills Black Caviar in attempt to get killer shot. Hmm, not really a headline on any photographer’s bucket list.

So how did Jules approach the shoot?

“Well I always do a heap of research before hand. I’m not really in to racing but of course I knew who Black Caviar was. I read up on horse photography and checked out some classic images that had been taken in the past. Then I formulated a rough plan in my mind.”

And the plan?

“Didn’t work” he laughs. “When I got in to the stable it looked a little different from what I had expected. Besides which Black Caviar herself had ideas about where she would stand and it wasn’t exactly in keeping with where I thought she would stand.”

A multi million dollar diva versus a photographer. Who won?

“Who do you think?” he smiles.

It’s true this horse really does never lose.


CGI work by photographer Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Kerry

Recently, Zoe has turned her hand to CGI.

She is best known for her still life photography work and has now ventured into the world of computer generated imagery.

We have put up some of her first examples and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.



Andrew Richey behind the scenes at Melbourne Spring fashion festival 2011.

– posted by Kerry


Abigail Burt update…

– posted by Sally

Abigail Burt graduated from RMIT at the end of last year and received the Sally Brownbill Award which enabled her to work with me on a new folio.
She chose to do this earlier this year with New York in her sights.
She then packed a bag with a change of socks and her new folio and headed for the big smoke.
New York City- look out, Abigail is on her way.
Abi has been in the US for a few months now and she's having a great time!
We have been emailing each other and I have asked Abi to give us an outline of what she's been up to.
Here's her first instalment:
I have been taken on as an Intern at Andrea Blanch studio for 3 months. She's an ex-assistant for Richard Avedon, She's starting a new magazine called Musee. I am mainly doing retouching, printing and assisting.
I have still been assisting for Rich Begany and the latest shoot was for Maybelline.
I am steady meeting more photographers all the time, pre-dominantly still-life, to let them know that I am available for assistance. I have been doing this by simply emailing them or their assistant, asking to "meet" with them for a chat. Then I show them my folio, which has got excellent feedback by the way, and they almost always offer me work if and when it comes up. The only issue is that with my internship I am not available all the time.
This city is amazing and it never ceases to surprise me, one day it will get you down and seem to drain the life from you, and then around the corner something amazing will happen out of nowhere and pick you right back up again. The opportunities really are endless, but for photography it really seems to be tough to break into as I've heard from a few photographers, but the most important thing for me is to keep meeting people within the industry, staying positive and eager and eventually things will really start to happen!


Slow Tracks by photographer Craig Newell.

– posted by Kerry

Author Jude Fitcher and photographer Craig Newell travelled regional Victoria exploring the importance of country racing and how it helps galvanise communities.

Slow Tracks takes you places where the going is good. It revels in the people and places that make Victoria unique and ends up at the finest country racetracks in the state.

Publication date: October 2011, Affirm Press.


Kirrilee Bailey - Sportsgirl My Moving Image Film Competition.

– posted by Kerry

The brief for Sportsgirl was to make a 1 minute video on getting ready in the morning, and how fashion can be an expression of one's personality.

This is the video Kirrilee Bailey entered.

Nice one Kirrilee!


Andrew Chapman on landline

– posted by Kerry

This is a fantastic ABC TV, landline episode about the work of Andrew Chapman.

You can purchase the book.....

“WOOLSHEDS” is excellent value at just $39.95 plus $10 postage and handling (where applicable). The postage charge will cover the cost of up to 2 books throughout Australia

There are also copies of “The Shearers”, a quality hardback B&W book published in 2005 and costing $35

If you would like to purchase either or both copies, please contact Andrew.





James Knowler iPhone shots.

– posted by Kerry

James Knowler says he has always loved doing street photography but can't always have his big camera with him.

"With all the travel I have been doing lately I end up in some great places and always have my iPhone." "The camera isn't the best through my industrial looking cover but the old style, rough effect is what I like about it."

"With the Best Camera app I can play with the images right on my phone, don't need to download it to my computer and then upload." "It's quick, easy and gives some great effects."

"The police don't really believe that you are playing with photos, and not talking on your phone while in the car."


Marcus Thomson - The Song Room.

– posted by Kerry

The Song Room is a national not for profit organisation that provides free, tailored, long-term music and arts-based programs for children in disadvantaged and high need communities.

Marcus will be going to Brisbane and Mackey to photograph students and indigenous communities for The Song Room. The images will be used for stock photography, annual reports and publications.

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