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Peter Dunphy in Iceland.

– posted by Kerry

We’re sorry Mr. Dunphy, Icelandic airspace was closed fifteen minutes ago, Grimsvotn volcano has just erupted.

This was the Icelandair welcome at Heathrow which was not on my list of uplifting news options for the day. Fortunately I was stranded only 36 hours in London and finally made it to Reykjavik just in time for Scotland and Germany to deal with the volcanic ash fallout.

Having been stuck in tunnel vision work mode for as long as I can remember, what was to follow was a self assigned project which had been on the back burner for many years.

The volcanic ash presented shooting opportunities as well as difficulties. Iceland is unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled, vast volcanic vistas and surreal landscape, but often subtle and not initially easy to shoot.

Large numbers of kilometres were driven to pick out the gems. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the project was twenty hours of daylight each day,  golden hours which lasted three, and horizontal rain with extraordinary wind which added to the fun.

Peter Dunphy.


New work from Tess Everett.

– posted by Kerry

This is a recent shoot photographed by Tess Everett who worked in collaboration with Rosemary Sarr (stylist) and Greer Melrose (hair and makeup) for personal work and magazine submission.

The focus was on expressive and current trends from various retailers, such as Adrian Lewis, Easten Market, Maria Rudman, Ugo Caeciatori and Grace. Clothing from Kirrily Johnston, Bassike, Aurelio Costarella and American Apparel.  

"Personal work is the key to perfecting your individual style and keeping the creative juices flowing"

Tess Everett


Darren Lunny photographs Mal Walden, celebrating 50 years in journalism.

– posted by Kerry

Darren's been shooting some personal work including a few portraits of Ten Newsreader Mal Walden.

Mal has been a stalwart of the Australian media landscape and will this year celebrate 50 years in journalism.


2011 AIPP APPA’s round up.

– posted by Sally

Congratulation to all">APPA winners.

Glenn Hester - runner up in the AIPP APPA Architectural Photographer of the Year and

Tom Goldner - Runner up AIPP APPA for documentary photographer of the year.


Sally in Paris

– posted by Sally

I was fortunate enough to spend a day in Paris working with Sebastian. We had met the year before when he was visiting Australia with his family. He will be moving here in 2012 and wanted to get a good understanding of the market out here in Australia and as such needed a folio that was going to impress.

He has a great studio and we met on a very hot day in June, I was thankful for the cool studio.

Sebastian's folio had been divided into sections. People, art advertising etc. It was very long and once you had finished a section and were wowed by the next you kind of forgot the last.

I explained to him how a folio needs to have ebbs and flows and there was ways we could include a large body of what he had in there, but with out dissecting it into sections. I find a lot of photographers want to compartmentalise there work.

It doesn't sit well for a viewing of 10 mins or so. The viewer needs to be constantly reminded in a subtle and succinct way.

His folio by the end of the day was very different, but spoke of who he was as a photographer and what he can offer.

It was a great day and Sebastian is a lovely man with a gentle demeanor and a very creative edge.

I can't wait to catch up with him when he arrives in Sydney and watch how Australia accepts him.

The day after we worked together he was whisked off to Rome to shoot a campaign for Haviannas , so I suspect he will be doing a lot of flights back and forth once he does arrive here to look after old and new clients. How exciting.

Here are a few snaps from the day. Sebastian's folio will be ready in a few weeks and I will post some pages on the blog when he completes it.


2011 AIPP APPA’s

– posted by Sally

This years APPA's were held in Sydney. Judging was done over the weekend and

congratulations must go to Jules Tahan for his GOLD (always believe in your soul) award winning image of a sculptor and his works.

My Kerry entered one of her images from her travels in New York( when she abandoned me earlier this year) and won a Silver with distinction.

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give em both a job I say


Frances Andrijich takes us behind the scenes of her photoshoot of artist Stormie Mills.

– posted by Sally

Frances Andrijich is passionate about environmental portraits that capture the essence of her subject and do so in an environment that reflects their character and personality.

Recently Frances photographed the internationally acclaimed visual artist, Stormie Mills. Having photographed him for a number of years, she knew her subject well and in return was able to experiment a bit more with lighting and composition, and just have some fun.

Stormie’s unique artwork was the perfect backdrop for setting the mood of the shoot. The studio scene was dramatically lit with her Profoto lighting kit and light-shaping tools. ‘I wanted my pictures of Stormie to encapsulate the atmosphere of his paintings and his individual style.’

Behind the scenes image Fiona Hoy.


Personal work from Julian Watt.

– posted by Kerry

Julian has given us two images from an ongoing series of his new personal work to have a look at.


Photographer Toby Scott’s USA adventure.

– posted by Kerry

Toby Scott is back from a roadtrip that included Whistler Canada to San Francisco down through the Giant Red wood forests and into the Napa wine region.

Thanks for sharing some of your photos with us Toby. 


Kerry goes to New York….

– posted by Kerry

..... and I promise Sal, I did try to call home!

Ohh and went a little crazy at B&H.


Emma Phillips on set with Hamish and Andy.

– posted by Sally

Emma Phillips shot Hamish and Andy for their CD called 'Celebrating 50 Glorious Years,' which came out at the end of last year. 

Check out their website for details of the CD and we hope you enjoy some of the behind the scene photos from the shoot.

Can you pick the shot Hamish took?

Yup.... the one he's not in!

Nice work Emma, and Hamish. 


Morgan Brown visits Tsukiji Fish Market

– posted by Sally

In 2010 Morgan Brown visited the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

Have a read of what he has to say about his project;

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market commonly known as the Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.

Located just outside of Tokyo, the market has been in operation since 1935 and has long been an integral part of Japanese culture.

Having a strong interest in documenting gritty large scale industry, it was very important to me to document this piece of history before its planned modern upgrade and relocation to a new site in 2012. 

I was initially drawn to the sheer scale of the place and the unique contrast to the modern metropolis of Tokyo.

What I discovered inside was a chaotic microcosm brimming with life and a routine that hasn't changed for decades.

I wanted to be like a fly on the wall and unobtrusively observe and record these traditional methods that occur there early every morning.

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