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Ross Calia makes 2012 ‘Aesthetica’ creative annual.

– posted by Kerry

UK based, International Arts and Culture Magazine ‘Aesthetica’ has published its 2012 creative annual, featuring the work of Ross Calia entitled ‘The Office’:

‘Despite the sheer mass of the drab concrete and the strict formation of the gridded windows, The Office, through the beautiful disorder of the blinds and cubicles to the workers’ daydream stares, ultimately is an optimistic expression of the human spirit: That despite the apparent confines of buildings and suits, our thoughts remain free and unbound’.


Ross Calia- Kodak Salon “Best Documentary Image” WINNER.

– posted by Sally

Congratulations to Ross Calia who was awarded the ‘Best Documentary Photograph’ award at the 2011 Kodak Salon for his image ‘The Mechanic’.

Ross also won this award in 2010 for his image ‘Office’.

‘My guess is that it was still daylight when the mechanic left his garage for the day, not realising his office light was still on: I came across this scene after midnight, by which time his ordinarily one-way glass was transformed into a viewing portal for passersby. Best viewed large on the 30 inch print, the detail tells much about the absent subject’.

The Kodak Salon is one of the largest and most renowned photographic award exhibitions in the country, including artists from all around Australia,

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