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New Folio’s

– posted by Sally

Kicked off 2013 working on some beautiful folios from a wide variety of photographic disciplines.  It’s really exciting to be working in our new office and spreading out the photographers work.
What I love so much about working with photographers is reenergising folios and websites of photographers I have worked with in the past and then meeting new photographers whose work I have never seen before.
Each day my eyes are refreshed by such a variety of work and personalities. How lucky am I to be working with such a vast array of talent.
I love, love, love what I do!!!


Capture Magazine

– posted by Sally

I was delighted to be the subject of the very first Q & A for Capture magazines Jan/Feb 2013 Edition. The article features images from Jade Cantwell and  Kerry Pryor, great work girls!


RMIT Graduate Exhibition

– posted by Sally

Always a highlight on the calendar each year is the RMIT BA Photography Graduate Exhibition. Having taught all these students it's great to see the culmination of all their hard work. The show is on 1-10 NOV so get along and see work from the next crop of super stars.


the countdown is on…

– posted by Sally

Stay tuned, is opening its doors Tuesday!

What’s The Brownbill Effect? It’s where you can find the right professionals and services you need to deliver your next project. It’s easy. And it’s free. No catches, just great connections.

We’ve all been asking for a comprehensive directory like this for years. Everyone listed at The Brownbill Effect  comes recommended by myself, or by those whose opinion I respect. And I’ve been connecting our industry for over 20 years. The best part? You can talk to people directly and avoid those agency fees.

What’s more, this solid network of like-minded creative professionals is completely free to search with no hidden costs.

Email me if you’re interested and want to get involved.




Future in Photography

– posted by Sally

To my photography teacher in 1982 - I DID CONTINUE WITH IT!!!
This was found whilst cleaning out mum and dad’s house recently. It is definitely the only school report I am proud of.


Jason Morey

– posted by Sally

"The Projections has been a very surreal experience for me. The opportunity to meet and greet with other emerging photographers from around Australia and view their work projected on a huge wall as part of a group exhibition was an awesome thing to be apart of. Along with the humbling recognition I was also spoiled with a generous assortment of prizes; one of them being a portfolio review with Sally Brownbill.

When The Projections came to an end I got in contact with Sally over the phone to organize a date for my consultation. After a big ‘congratulations!’ she told me to prepare myself for what could be a very long day with some possibly very important business and portfolio decisions.

Armed with around 150 examples of my work, I braced myself for an intense day of culling images and photo critiques.
I arrived at Sally’s home office in Richmond and was welcomed with tea and biscuits. The consultation turned out to be extremely relaxed with a lot of chatting and viewing of books and photos.
Sally shared some great advice on managing myself, quoting work and photographers I may be interested in. One of the most interesting things from the day was how she laid out my portfolio. We decided to print my work as a book, which I am currently preparing. She surprised me by coupling particular photos together, something I would have never done myself thinking it may be too risky or irrelevant. Being an emerging photographer it was really great to get advice from someone so professional and experienced in the photographic world.

Thanks for all your help Sal!!
Also, thank you so much to everyone involved with The Projections. A great opportunity for emerging photographers and people interested in viewing the work of emerging photographers!" Jason Morey

Stayed tuned for Jason's folio.....


Travelling with Photographic Equipment

– posted by Sally

Kerry and I arrived at Auckland Airport exhausted and slightly delirious after a hectic few days. We were standing in the line queuing up for the check in laughing when we met the lovely Toni Farquharson. We got chatting (which I love to do) and found out Toni was a dangerous goods expert!! fantastic. So I did a bit of networking swapped cards and here is some great information she has sent to us in regards to travelling with photographic equipment.


Sally’s Doco

– posted by Sally

Last week Jules Tahan and Anthony Sharpe, together with myself, Kerry and my daughter Lil spent a fantastic day at The Edmund Pearce Gallery in the city.

The purpose was to start filming a short doco piece on me for a self-promotion.

Jules was the DOP and Anthony the director, Kerry assisted and Lily took a few of these behind the scene shots.

Jules had sent me a long list of questions about 3 weeks out, which was fantastic, because it gave me a good amount of time to read them and be prepared. So on the day, as Anthony asked me the questions, I knew what was coming and had an answer ready.

BUT it didn't sounded scripted and I wasn't reading auto cues.

I thought it was a fantastic way to work and I felt very confident with the whole process, so professional but lots of fun.

The only tricky part was when they decided they wanted me standing in the middle of the room, staring at the camera whilst they turned the lights out. Then they were to slowly bring me into light.

Well as you can imagine I just kept laughing, anyway I think they got it in the end laughter, snorts and all!!

There is more filming to be done, so stay tuned and I can't wait to see the final piece.


Sally’s workshop at the Ballarat Foto Bienalle.

– posted by Sally

On Saturday 20th August I went up to the BIFB to give a workshop on folio design and editing. Originally it was meant to be held at St Patricks, but the venue was changed at the last minute.

We were now in the Annexe of the Ballarat Gallery. Yipee

I met a lovely lady, Sue Jackson who bent over backwards to make sure we had everything we needed and gave us the space for the day.

It was really exciting working in there and the photographers that attended were fabulous. They had brought their work along for me to discuss and together we were able to have many discussions about the commercial industry and I was bombarded with intelligent questions all day.

I showed them folios I had worked on and had an opportunity to look at a selection of their images they had brought with them as well.

I was able to give advice and hopefully inspiration to them over the 6 hours that they will take away and put to good use.

Kerry was with me as well, diligently manning the ipad, but more importantly showing the process of how we worked together designing her folio. She had many great suggestions for them too .

I think listening to someone else's experience and seeing how it unfolds is always so beneficial for both parties. This was the first time Kerry had shown anyone her work.

Thanks Jeff for asking me to put on the workshop , I loved giving it.


Sally will be at the BIFB

– posted by Sally

Today Kerry and I have jumped in the car and driven up to Ballarat where the The Ballarat internation Foto Bienalle begins tomorrow in full swing.

I have been posting news of this fantastic event over the past few months and here it is finally here.

The BIFB is a fantastic opportunity for photographers from all over the world to meet up, exhibit their work, look at others work, network and have their work reviewed and attend workshops.

It really is a an amazing festival and team that have put this together headed by Jeff Moorfoot have worked tirelessly to ensure it is a huge success. Jeff and I have known each other for over 20 years, in fact we were at RMIT together, me a young 18 year old starting out and Jeff a man of many past talents persuing another carreer. His dedication to all things photography is outstanding and Kerry and I are here for the next 5 days soaking it all up.

We will be shooting and blogging whilst here, so stay tuned. Ill be reviewing folios , which I love and SOOO much more.

BIFB newsletter


PSC Graduation 2010.

– posted by Sally

On Tuesday 28th June I was at ACMI for the PSC graduation of 2010.

This year I sponsored the graduation by offering the Sally Brownbill Award that was won by Kirsten Dickie. Kirsten and I will be working on her folio once she reutuns from Mexico later in the year.
It was a fantastic night and yet again PSC have produced some outstanding students in all areas of photography.
I am honored to be involved with PSC and look forward to a long standing invlolvement in offering the award and wish all 2010 graduates the best for the future.
Here is a list of the award winners on the night along with a pic of Kirsten and I


Sally in Paris

– posted by Sally

I was fortunate enough to spend a day in Paris working with Sebastian. We had met the year before when he was visiting Australia with his family. He will be moving here in 2012 and wanted to get a good understanding of the market out here in Australia and as such needed a folio that was going to impress.

He has a great studio and we met on a very hot day in June, I was thankful for the cool studio.

Sebastian's folio had been divided into sections. People, art advertising etc. It was very long and once you had finished a section and were wowed by the next you kind of forgot the last.

I explained to him how a folio needs to have ebbs and flows and there was ways we could include a large body of what he had in there, but with out dissecting it into sections. I find a lot of photographers want to compartmentalise there work.

It doesn't sit well for a viewing of 10 mins or so. The viewer needs to be constantly reminded in a subtle and succinct way.

His folio by the end of the day was very different, but spoke of who he was as a photographer and what he can offer.

It was a great day and Sebastian is a lovely man with a gentle demeanor and a very creative edge.

I can't wait to catch up with him when he arrives in Sydney and watch how Australia accepts him.

The day after we worked together he was whisked off to Rome to shoot a campaign for Haviannas , so I suspect he will be doing a lot of flights back and forth once he does arrive here to look after old and new clients. How exciting.

Here are a few snaps from the day. Sebastian's folio will be ready in a few weeks and I will post some pages on the blog when he completes it.

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