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Thinking of taking a chance? Need help with direction?

– posted by Rachelle

Sally offers 2 hr consultations to talk about your photography, discuss what you want to be shooting and give advice about how to achieve it. Many people have come to Sally over the years to seek clarification about their work and leave the consultation feeling so much clearer about how to achieve what they want. Contact Sally if you need a consultation, she would love to hear from you.

One such person was student Kye Thompson, and here is her story...(Kye's image above)

"I had done the TAFE diploma course about the same time I started teaching. I finished the course and found that I couldn't do both whole heartedly. Most of my energy went into teaching and I did my photography on the weekends. Of course this didn't really work and I let the photography go doing small shoots now and then.
After quite a few years teaching the commitment was waning and I had a feeling of dissatisfaction and my life felt empty. After giving it a lot of thought I quit teaching and applied to Sydney College of the Arts, to study photomedia.

It was very scary for most of the first year as I fretted about loss of security, money and status, yet towards the end of last year I found that I was happy, being challenged, exposed to new ideas and being pushed beyond my boundaries.
Now in 2nd year I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing, what I fretted about has little importance."


Assisting Photographers

– posted by Rachelle

Once you get into industry and start assisting, the learning curve starts all over again and this time it is steeper. You now have real clients and $$$ hovering over you. You need to learn on the run, deal with finding resources, difficult clients, and politics.
You need to know how to manage your time, your finances and marketing. Learning and observing as an assistant is a fast track to all of this. Ask questions and lots of them!!

We are in one of the most exciting industries you can imagine, working as an assistant takes all of the knowledge you learnt at university or college and puts it into a practical environment. How wonderful!!

Here is an assistant on TBE Emma Stryder who we asked a few questions on this very subject. Your thoughts Emma??

ASSISTING: the other side of Graduation.

• Think of assisting as character building, no kit is too heavy, no start time too early. Think of your photographer as Mr. Miyagi, they've earned their stripes, now it's time to for you to wax on, wax off.
• Everyone likes their gear packed a certain way. Each way is different, that is for certain.
• Bring gaffa tape, bulldogs clips, etc, the kind of thing you might need quickly on a shoot but you left it in St Louis.
• Be adaptable, some photographers want your input, some don't. But be sure to wait until your asked for it, no one likes a back seat driver!
• Don't answer your phone, or get blogging on set, it's sure to be the one moment you're needed -pronto!
• Be a sponge, or better yet, a mop. Soak up the experience but make sure you're standing up ready to be useful

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