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Mauro Palmieri

– posted by Rachelle

"A time lapse of my 2013 mural at Kid Boston in Windsor, Melbourne AUS." (tune title 'Work' by Guru)

Mauro Palmier


Jack Shelton

– posted by Rachelle

"While studying in the United States I formed a strong friendship with a homeless man named Greg Glasper.
An unlikely couple a 22 year old Australian Exchange student and a 50 year old homeless ex con, but we hit it off.
I followed Greg for 4 months and what results is Greg Glasper vol 1. The first installment of what I hope to be an ongoing project and friendship."

Jack Shelton


Ian Waldie

– posted by Rachelle

Q: What’s Red Green and Blue, made up of 35,000 unique parts and has travelled the world without a suitcase?

A: Our Time Lapse and Stop Motion Vivid 2013 video.

For the third year, we were invited back to document the astonishing Vivid festival in Sydney using time lapse and stop motion photography.

Over multiple nights, we shot and sticky-taped together 35,000 still frames to form the official Vivid time lapse video. On opening night, key sequences were delivered to deadline to be cut into the Video News Reel, which was then released worldwide to news outlets and agencies. Our footage featured on the sites of the BBC, Guardian, CNN and countless others around the world.

We used some standard time lapse techniques, added a few motion control units and threw in a little hyper-lapsing for good luck, all whilst hoisting umbrellas over the delicate equipment to protect it from sudden angry rainstorms.

It really was some slide show.

Ian Waldie


Gertrude Street Projection Festival

– posted by Rachelle

Happening from the 19 to 28 July, the festival celebrates projection art and lets us see familiar spaces and buildings in new, inspired ways. Check out last years video and get planning.

Runs every night 6pm - Midnight.

Opening Night Ceremony - Fri 19 July 6pm to 7pm
Atherton Gardens

More info here


CGI - Behind the Scenes with Lightfarm Studios

– posted by Rachelle

CGI artist Raf Vallaperde's 'Drunk Aliens' scene won 'Best Modeling' award at the annual CG Society 'Challenge' competition, widely regarded as the 'Oscars' of CGI.

Check out the video to see a fascinating look at the image creation process.

Lightfarm Studios


Marcus Thomson

– posted by Rachelle

"In June and July 2010 I was asked by the UN in Mozambique to document the work of a radio station in remote areas of the country which was using local DJs to educate its audience regarding HIV. Whenever I could during this time, I escaped the expat scene to discover the country and its people for myself.

The UN project finished, I arrived back in the Capital Maputo and gave myself six weeks to capture my own personal journey in Mozambique. However I knew finding, and gaining access to the photographs I was after, would be tricky, as I didn’t know anyone and did not speak the local language, Portuguese.

I tracked down the only photography studio in the country and met Mario, a local photographer. He not only assisted me on shoots, but also got me into places most travellers never have access to; enabled me to meet and photograph people and living conditions outsiders never see. By the time I left the country, Mario and I had become good friends.

Mozambique is a natural wonder, but it’s the people whom I was lucky enough to meet who are the subjects of this exhibition. They’re tough, cool and tenacious, and have an amazing capacity for getting the most out of life, even under the most difficult conditions.

These images cover a diverse range people in Mozambique—artists and musicians creating works as vibrant as the country itself; city slum dwellers eking out a living on a putrid garbage dump; farmers and families struggling to survive in the unforgiving countryside, and women practicing traditional water rituals, washing away spirits and praying for husbands."

Marcus Thompson
12th June to 22nd June, 2013

X88 Gallery

X88 Gallery, 88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW



Darren Lunny

– posted by Rachelle

Another beautifully shot story It's All About The Board from Darren Lunny.


Marcus Thomson

– posted by Rachelle

What fun this is!

Marcus Thomson  & (editor) Josh Waddell shot this for:

Intercontinental Hotel, Melbourne - 2012, Spring Carnival.

Follow the links above to see more of their fantastic work...



Darren Lunny

– posted by Rachelle

"No Ordinary Life is a short film I've just finished on underworld shooting survivor Bert Wrout. Bert was drinking in the Brunswick Club with Lewis Moran when two gunmen burst through the door and opened fire. Moran died, Wrout survived."

Darren Lunny


Matthew Kovac

– posted by Sally

Video of the opening night The Last Stand of the Frej exhibition - Matthew Kovac

Showing until the 23rd of September 2012 at...

Bower Gallery
31 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea.
Thurs/Fri 1-6pm
Sat 10-5pm



– posted by Sally

We have seen some of Tracey Rowe’s TV work before and here’s some more. Tracey is one of my oldest friends, I studied with her at RMIT and here is one of her most recent commercials.

"I can never believe my luck, each time I get a brief for a Darbo commercial it always requires a fanciful creative challenge. These commercials are for Austria and the agency and client are always trying to produce a distinctive visual piece for their products. For this commercial it was necessary to combine various techniques to achieve a unique look. It’s wonderful having a model maker construct objects that have moving parts that you can stop frame animate. My production designer also made paper birds as a wallpaper detail, but we ended up having them fly across the wallpaper using stop frame animation. Horses, riders, dogs and tethered clouds were all custom made. Clothes and hairstyles are all customised, and the caravan was built on an inner tube of a truck tyre so that we could shake it when the hunting party galloped by. The magic of CGI  weaves it all together……. how wonderful to imagine something then have a collaborative team help you create it!"

Tracey Rowe
Robbers Dog Films


Time lapse by Marcus Thomson.

– posted by Sally


Elli Ioannou experiments in motion

– posted by Kerry

Elli has sent us a sneak of some of her experiments in moving image.

She has been re defining what she wants to do with her work.

We look forward to seeing more.


Andrew Richey behind the scenes at Melbourne Spring fashion festival 2011.

– posted by Kerry


Kirrilee Bailey - Sportsgirl My Moving Image Film Competition.

– posted by Kerry

The brief for Sportsgirl was to make a 1 minute video on getting ready in the morning, and how fashion can be an expression of one's personality.

This is the video Kirrilee Bailey entered.

Nice one Kirrilee!

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