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Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Rachelle

International Photography Awards 2nd place winner for the “Space Between” category Zoe Wetherall is in LA for the opening of the exhibition of winners opening the 30th of March at The Loft at Liz’s located in the historic miracle mile district of Los Angeles.

The exhibition is being held during the 5th Annual Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA),

Never one to stop shooting you can follow Zoe's travel adventures via images on Instagram @zoewetherallphoto or at




Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Rachelle

"Early in January I had the chance to fly in a hot air balloon over Melbourne with Picture This Ballooning. We flew from Yarra Bend Park to Burnley Gardens.

It was a lovely 17°C at around 7am . A very welcome change from the -7°C last year in January when I flew in a hot air balloon in the USA.

It was amazing seeing the sunrise over the city of Melbourne from the air. There aren't many places in the world where a hot air balloon can fly so close to a city. I definitely recommend it."

See more of Zoe Wetherall's fantastic aerial photography on exhibition for 3 weeks from Jan 31st to Feb 17th at Carbon Black Gallery.

The gallery is located at 188 High St, Prahran and is open Thursday to Sunday 12-5.

It's a combination of her images from the Aerial Albuquerque exhibition and Sub One Thousand exhibitions held at Edmund Pearce last year.


Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Rachelle

Some gorgeous recent work from Zoe...

"I did a 2 day shoot recently photographing Melbourne restaurants. I spent 1 day at Crown Casino and another day in South Yarra and Prahran.

Featured in these shots are Jimbo & Rex at Crown, Mings at Crown, The Smith in High St, Prahran, and Neil Perry's latest restaurant at Crown, Rosetta.

The client was Tangent Design. They are building a new website for Chris Love Design - who design and install commercial kitchens and bars."

Zoe Wetherall



Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Kerry

A huge congratulations to Zoe Wetherall who has won another competition with her photos from hot air ballooning in New Mexico in January.

A photo contest was held by the organisation APA New York (American Photographic Artists) and Zoe won 1st and 3rd place in the Landscape/Architecture category.

Her work will get featured in a MagCloud magazine which will be distributed to 100 Top NYC Creatives.

Also, a cocktail reception evening is held in New York where winners can meet the judges and sponsors of the event.
The judges include a creative director at a NY ad agency, 3 magazine editors, a commercial photographer and a director of a gallery in New York.




Zoe Wetherall New Foilo

– posted by Kerry

Zoe and I have worked on all her folios since she left college. She is one of the hardest working young shooters I have met. Each time we get together she always has amazing new shots to show me and for us to work with to update her web site and her folio. Recently Zoe won the Capture award for Australia’s Top emerging Landscape photographer for a series she shot out of a hot air balloon in the USA, they are spectacular. Her work is constantly changing and developing and this latest folio is a knock out. Here are 3 of my favourite spreads.


Zoe Wetherall- Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer by Capture Magazine.

– posted by Kerry

Zoe has won the Landscape category in the 2012 Top Emerging Photographers, Capture Magazine!

Congratulations Zoe!! Well deserved.



Thanks for letting us know about One Eyeland, Zoe Wetherall.

– posted by Sally

One Eyeland is  a website for commercial photographers and showcases some of the best images from around the world.
Photographers submit images and if they are good enough, they are chosen to be displayed on the site.
Zoe has been selected for Picture Of The Day- twice, Picture Of The Week, and Photographer Of The Week- twice as well as Photographer Of The Month.

(mostly aerial shots from hot air ballooning).


Zoe Wetherall in the USA.

– posted by Kerry

The third day in to my 6 week trip to the United States, I saw President Obama at The White House. This doesn't happen every day, so let me explain.
Six months before my trip, I emailed my relatives Julie, Jim and Becky in Washington DC to ask if they could apply through their member of Congress to get us all on a tour of The White House when I visited just before Christmas.
Julie explained to me that they used to have a friend working for the secret service at The White House, but that he was no longer there, so they would apply though a local Congresswoman to arrange the tour.
A few days before I left Melbourne I got an email confirming the tour. I was excited to be able to see part of The White House from the inside.
Once we got there and were looking around the luxurious rooms (including the 37 Christmas trees) Jim asked a secret service agent in one of the rooms if he knew their friend who used to work there. The man responded by saying he did know him and that he was there at the time. He then started speaking into his little microphone to try to contact him. The response was that he was posted somewhere near the entrance where we came in to the building, and that if we went back down there he could greet us. We did just that with Julie and Jim delighted to see their friend, not knowing he was back working at The White House.
Whilst they were catching up the agent mentioned if we were to wait in the lobby area for approximately 15 minutes there would be a surprise happening. It turned out that Obama was about to leave The White House via helicopter and he had invited the members of the general public who happened to be in the lobby at that time to go out on to the White House lawn to watch him take off.
We went out and waited for about 10 minutes as a large group of press gathered opposite us. Initially we were told cameras were not allowed in to The White House, but once we arrived were subsequently told photos were allowed. I had my iPhone ready.
President Obama walked out a few meters in front of us. Ignoring the press he looked towards us, smiled and waved, and said Merry Christmas as he walked towards the giant military helicopter on the lawn.
On December 20th, 2011 I captured this photo of Obama on my iPhone.


CGI work by photographer Zoe Wetherall

– posted by Kerry

Recently, Zoe has turned her hand to CGI.

She is best known for her still life photography work and has now ventured into the world of computer generated imagery.

We have put up some of her first examples and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.



Zoe Wetherall’s world.

– posted by Kerry

As a recent personal project Zoe has been experimenting with 360° panoramic photography to create images that look like mini planets.

She wanted to create something different and challenge herself by trying a technique she hadn't done before.

A fisheye lens, panoramic tripod head, and special software are needed to achieve this effect, as well as the right location and good weather.

Birrarung Marr near Federation Square, and Docklands were her two locations.


Zoe Wetherall tells us what it’s like working with Sally.

– posted by Sally

I first heard about Sally a few years ago from a photographer I was assisting at the time.

I then started hearing more about her from other photographers. After all these glowing reports, we finally met last year at an ACMP event. It wasn’t long before I had set up a meeting with her to help put my folio together.

Although Sally is highly recommended amongst photographers she works with, I was also told to prepare for a ruthless selection process where I may have to discard favourite images from my folio.

I didn’t find that to be the case though. I trusted that she knew what she was doing.

She had a fresh approach in the way she paired images together, and saw things that I would never have seen with my own work.

She listened to my input and I listened to hers, and we came up with a folio we were both very happy with.

Looking back, I definitely could not have done it on my own.

I thought it was an expensive venture at first, but after seeing the results of Sally’s help both in putting my folio together and introducing me to her many industry contacts, I wondered how anyone could ever start out in the photography industry without her help.


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