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Welcome to The Window Project.

– posted by Sally

What’s the idea behind The Window Project
So we now have The Window Project up and running. The idea is simple. We want to take as many portraits as possible in 3 weeks. These are democratized portraits – we have other work to do so we’ve put a camera behind the banner (see below if you’re thinking of nicking it) and set it to take a photo every 5 seconds. Whoever feels the urge to follow on or all of the instructions – STOP, POSE, SMILE will have their photo taken. We’ll periodically take the photos out of the bank where it’s located, throw them into our magical portrait processing machine and put the pictures of people up on our facebook page, creating a gallery of portraits. We hope we can then connect with those people and decide to do something with those portraits down the track – exhibition, book or the like….

How did it start?
When our bank said we could have some window space to promote our business we thought – gee that’s strange for a bank. So what did we do? Well initially we went great, lets put up a banner with ads for our awesome photography courses. Then we went nah, that’s lame, how about we use it for a cool photography project instead. That seemed much more fun!! Then the bank said you’ve got 5 days until you need to install. We said how what when @$%@!! A night of brainstorming, a photoshoot, some banner design, some quick turnaround printing and some creative install ideas and we now have The Window Project…..

Where can I see the photos ?
At this early stage, we’re collecting the photos every few days and then getting rid of the duds and uploading the ones that look something like portraits onto our facebook page – We hope these will then be shared and liked by the facebook community and world will spread like wildfire until there are people lining up to be photographed. Now that would be cool!

Where do I go to get my photo taken?
Just head to the corner of Swanston and Collins St in Melbourne. The project is setup in the window of the Westpac bank, just stand in front of the window with a big photo of a camera in it.

How many photos will you take?
We’re trying to take a photo every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day for a month. Our rough calculation (remember we’re photographers not mathematicians) is that we’ll take around 17,000 frames a day which is 100,000+ a week which is around half a million photos over a month!!! . Then we have to edit out all the junk (not a lot of love around here for that job!!!) and give the people back the portrait jewels

What if I want to nick the camera?

Well, firstly it’s inside the bank. If you want to take on the banks multilayered security system, that’s your choice. Secondly, the camera’s not really worth stealing. We need our high end gear for our regular jobs so the one in the window ain’t that grand. Thirdly, by stealing the camera, you’ll mess up the project and have the bad Karma of all those unmade portraits on your head…

What if I don’t want my photo taken?
If you don’t want your photo taken, then please don’t STOP, POSE and SMILE for us. If we do take your photo and you later decide you don’t want it shown, please let us know which photo (via the facebook page) or email us and let us know. We’ll take it down.

Who are you anyway?
We’re a team of photographers who work out of a studio in Port Melbourne called Blue Tree Studios. We work as professional photographers most of the time, working on anything from corporate portraits to high end advertising campaigns and documentary projects. We also run photography courses aimed at helping amateur photographers take better photos.

My photos are often terrible; tell me more about your photography courses
We currently run 2 courses suitable for a wide range of people under our Happier Snapper brand. Our 2 ½ hour introductory course has been running for about a year and we’ve had over 2,000 people through this course who have loved it. It’s aimed at anyone with any camera, is non-technical and fun.

We also run a photography walking tour from the city along the Yarra and into the Docklands. This is a 3-hour walking tour which gives people a hands-on photographic experience in a small class size with loads of personal attention. This one really gets peoples photography jumping along in leaps and bounds. For more information, check the events on our facebook page.

Does this have anything to do with Westpac bank?
Westpac has given us the window, other than that they have had absolutely no input into what we’re using it for. There is no link to the bank, it’s not a promotion for the bank and they get no benefit or use of the images out of it.

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