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How I help individual photographers

Now you know who I am, let’s talk about what I can do for you.

I mentioned before that I work one-on-one with photographers.

It’s a tough game – photography. And cutting through the competition by presenting your work in the best possible way is the key to a healthy business model. You know that you often only get one shot at a pitch and your folio is the bullet that has to shoot dead straight. It must fire as a vital component of your integrated offer to potential clients.

I’ll sit with you, and together we’ll take a long, hard look at your work. We’ll establish where you’ve been, where you are at the moment and where you want to position yourself with your work. It’s only then that we can work out a strategy to position yourself where you want to be and really make your folio zing. At the end of our time together your folio will probably look very different.

It may need a total makeover – it may just need a little tweaking.  But we’ll go beyond just your folio. I imagine you’ll have a website, or you might be in the stages of putting that together. It has to have the same qualities as your folio and I’ll help you integrate a look, feel and tone that’s consistent across all your marketing tools.

It’s not just me you’ll be working with. I’ve put together a sensational team of professionals – writers, graphic designers and consultants who together will create you and your work as an individual brand, if that’s what you’re after.

Now, at this point I want to make it clear that I’M NOT AN AGENT. No, that’s not what I do. I design folios and websites that really work and I also edit images.

But there are even more advantages for you.

By working with me on your folio, you have the opportunity to really bolster your own marketing initiatives by including yourself in The Brownbill Effect.

The Brownbill Effect is the most definitive directory in Australia for the photography and creative industry. I’ve built my business on working with the best across all creative fields and will only endorse photographers whose folios I’ve worked on. As an on-line resource, The Brownbill Effect, is the culmination of my professional network that I now offer to the industry.

To find out more, go to and see just how economical and powerful it can be for you as a marketing tool and part of your business strategy.

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